Upgrade to Sibelius 7.5 for $20 off


If you already own Sibelius 7.5, feel free to move right along, but if you are currently using Sibelius 6 or earlier, we noticed that, in the US, Amazon is currently offering the Sibelius 7.5 “legacy upgrade” — the term for the upgrade from Sibelius 6 or earlier — for $130.

Buying the Sibelius 7.5 upgrade directly from Avid will cost $150, whether as a download or shippable box. (Upgrading to 7.5 from 7 is $50 for a download; $90 for a shippable box.)

A quick check of three US authorized resellers revealed the following pricing:

I didn’t check other countries’ sites to see if similar pricing was available, but if you’re outside the US, feel free to post your findings in the comments.

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  1. Norman Borge

    I’m having difficulty accessing my account to download Sibelius 7.5 and cancelling one of 2 purchases of 7.5, one which ordered my mistake. Thank you.

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