Tape Op Magazine “can’t imagine life without” Magnetic Layout


The November/December issue of Tape Op Magazine contains a review of Sibelius 6 from contributing writer Dave Hidek, who shares his experiences of using the software to write a large-scale piece for full orchestra, with a deadline of a read-through by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in February of this year.

Dave writes that the feature he was most excited to try was Magnetic Layout, Sibelius 6’s revolutionary automatic collision avoidance and alignment system for your music. He says:

“As I imported my old Sibelius 4 scores into Sibelius 6, I watched my sloppily placed dynamic markings snap into place, perfectly aligned with each other. Now, after working with Magnetic Layout intensively, I can’t imagine life without it… I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time this feature has saved me over the entire writing and editing process.”

Dave also talks about Live Tempo, the included Sibelius Sounds Essentials sound library, Versions, and more besides. He concludes:

“Overall I could hardly be more pleased with my Sibelius 6 experience.”

You can check out the full review in the current issue of Tape Op Magazine.

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