Sibelius workshops in Brazil a great success

Cristiano Moura conducting a Sibelius workshop at ProClass in Rio de Janeiro

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some forthcoming workshops being held at ProClass in Rio de Janeiro. The workshops took place last weekend, and instructor Cristiano Moura got in touch to let me know how the classes had gone.

“I thought the level of questions and knowledge of the participants exceeded my expectations,” he told me. “In all three sessions, participants were eager for more information, which were passed without restrictions.”

Rodrigo Meirelles, one of the owners of the ProClass media training facility, stated at the start of each class: “There are no forbidden topics for this workshop, or topics that we discuss only during the courses: we are here to talk about everything. Our only restriction is time!”

Each of the three sessions was full, and ProClass will be running full Sibelius training courses in the months to come. Whether you are currently a beginner, or are already familiar with the software and are looking to build on your skills, you may get something out of these courses.┬áCall +55 21 2224-9278 or send an email to [email protected] to request more information.


  1. Fernando Clark

    Congratulations Cristiano!!!

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