Sibelius tutorial videos for the iPhone

An iPhone, yesterday. Courtesy Gonzalo Baeza Hernandez.

The Sibelius tutorials continue to come thick and fast! My friend Richard Payne, who worked with us at Sibelius for many years, contacted me today to let me know that he has devised a set of 10 tutorial videos for Sibelius 6 packaged up as an app to download from the iTunes App Store.

Called Sibelius Essentials 1 (not to be confused with the Sibelius Sounds Essentials sound library included with Sibelius), the application’s videos cover the basics of working with Sibelius efficiently, via topics including creating a score, navigating around a score quickly and easily, selection and editing, note input (including Flexi-time), and more.

Richard worked for Sibelius for eight years, and during that time he created several sets of training materials for Sibelius, delivering training to hundreds of musicians of all kinds, so he is certainly an experienced and knowledgeable trainer. The videos have been developed in conjunction with Joe Moretti, who already has a series of GarageBand videos available on the app store. Richard and Joe promise more tutorials to come in the future.

Check out the app on the App Store today. It’s reasonably priced at £1.19 in the UK ($1.99 in the US) so it won’t break the bank to give it a try.


  1. Jon Petrie

    Fantastic – will Sibelius ever release an app for jottting down compositon ideas down on the move?

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      It’s certainly something we are considering, but we can’t talk about our future plans.

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