Sibelius products on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

A lion, yesterday. (Courtesy Cody Kwok on flickr)

With more than a million copies of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion sold via the Mac App Store in the first 24 hours following its release on Wednesday 20 July, it seems safe to say that Apple’s new operating system is a big hit.

If you’re itching to click that Purchase button in the Mac App Store and install Lion on your own Mac, you need to be aware of the biggest compatibility issues before you buy. has a new page giving initial Lion compatibility information about its full range of products. The headlines are:

  • Sibelius 6 and Sibelius 5 are basically fine, though you can’t register or unregister online: when you need to register, you have to use the Register using a web browser on this or another computer option (Sibelius 6) or the Register by fax, phone or email option (Sibelius 5).
  • Sibelius 4 and earlier (plus Sibelius 3 Student and G7) won’t run at all on Lion because Lion no longer includes Rosetta, which allows PowerPC applications to run on Macs with Intel processors.
  • Scorch is no longer compatible with Safari (version 5.1) in Lion; you’ll have to use Firefox 5 instead.
  • Auralia 4 and Musition 4 are compatible, but no earlier version of Auralia will run under Lion (because Auralia 4 is the first native Intel version).
  • Groovy Music Shapes and Groovy Music Jungle won’t run, but Groovy Music City will run, provided you have version 1.4.
  • Sibelius Instruments, Sibelius Compass and Sibelius Starclass won’t run at all on Lion.


  1. T Dewey

    Apologies if this is an inane question, but with regards to Sibelius Instruments, is it really too cumbersome to port an Adobe Director application to Intel or as a Universal Binary? From what I have seen on someone else’s machine, though, will Auralia 2 run if installed and updated before upgrading the OS? The original installer and, indeed, the updater which makes the app Universal are both PPC-only. Is this right?
    Many thanks.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Thanks for your comment. Sibelius Instruments et al just aren’t big enough sellers to justify any additional development work on them, I’m afraid.

      Auralia 2 won’t run under any circumstances in Lion: it’s a PowerPC application, and you can’t run PowerPC applications under Lion. You’ll need to upgrade to Auralia 4.

  2. martha

    Hi, I have a Mac 10.8.5 So my doubt is. Which sibelius should I download? thaks

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