Sibelius online training course by Mike Klinger starts in January 2013

Mike Klinger in his Washington State studio

Registration is now open for online Sibelius training courses that start on January 7, 2013. Mike Klinger, the instructor of the course, has been teaching music technology and helping educators and institutions make the most of music technology for more than 40 years.

The course duration is 10 weeks, but you can set your own pace if you want to move along more quickly. The course curriculum includes:

  • Learn basic step-time inputting techniques using the mouse and midi keyboard
  • Learn basic real-time inputting techniques using the midi keyboard
  • Learn basic lyric and chord entry techniques
  • Transpose, assign instrumentation, mix volumes, panning and other controllers
  • Input a simple lead sheet, piano piece, multi-voiced piece (chorale), and small score
  • Extract the parts of a score and printout score and parts
  • Understand the techniques involved of importing and editing MIDI files
  • Learn how Sibelius interprets and recognizes scanned images and then edit as needed
  • Learn advanced page layout techniques and “house styles”
  • Learn advanced scoring techniques
  • Learn how to write and properly notate percussion parts.
  • Writing examples as EPS files to be imported into a word processor
  • Save your work as Audio and burn to CD
  • Understand how sound libraries work
  • Understand Ideas mode concept
  • Learn how to write music to video

The course tuition is $249 USD. Optional college graduate-level credit is also available.

If you take the course, please let us know how it goes!

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