Sibelius 8 appears in retail catalog and web site


Sharp-eyed Sibelius user, forum contributor and blog reader Ralph C. Bowers Jr. received a Sweetwater summer 2015 catalog in the mail the other day. After turning to p. 521, he noticed that Sibelius 8 was prominently offered for sale:

Sibelius 8, from the Sweetwater Summer 2015 catalog

Avid hasn’t released Sibelius 8 yet, or offered it for sale on their own web site. As of today, though, Sweetwater was taking pre-orders for four versions, which only differ in the terms of the license, not the software itself: the upgrade from Sibelius 1-7, a crossgrade annual subscription, a crossgrade perpetual license, and an academic version.


There aren’t any surprises here, as Avid announced Sibelius 8’s new features and license plans a couple of months ago. Still, a release has been promised by the end of June, so it appears we are getting close.

Readers might be amused to see “Dotted-note support” high up in the list of features. So put to rest all the rumors about not being able to write in 6/8 time anymore!

We’ll have full coverage of the official release once it happens.


  1. Tom

    Okay. but will it print 2-up?

    1. Stan

      I hear you Tom!!! But I’m not sure that Avid does!

  2. Neil Sands

    Yes, I noticed they are now supporting dotted notes. What will they think of next?

  3. Bob Zawalich

    I will be interested in “Export Lyrics as Text” as well. There has been a plugin (written by Lydia Matchell) that does that that has been around since Sib 4 or so. I wonder if that is actually the “feature”?

    It is an interesting grab bag of features to highlight!

  4. ricardo

    I still use Sibelius 6, it`s ok for me…everything I want to do is easy e fast.
    I didn`t like SIB 7, it`s too much colored, things more difficult to find, and very important shortcut missing: ctrl alt + arrow down to jump staves…

    1. Andy C

      Yes, it takes little time to get used to Sib. 7 /7.5 user interface.
      I just found (thanks to you mentioning it): you can access the jumping stave shortcut by disabling the hotkeys menu in windows;rightclick on desktop, goto graphic options and check disable hotkeys.

  5. Neil Sands

    I thought they said they weren’t even going to call it Sibelius 8 except internally.

  6. André van Haren

    Can it create cross staves glissandi/arpeggios that stick? Is the copy past tupelo option fixed?

  7. André van Haren

    I meant of course “tuplets” copy paste in my previous post…

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