Sibelius 8.4.2 update available


update-downloadAvid yesterday released Sibelius 8.4.2, a minor update to the recent Sibelius 8.4 update.

Sibelius 8.4.2 addresses a few issues:

  • A problem where hidden text was shown when printing or exporting to PDF has been fixed
  • The spacing between clefs, key signatures, time signatures and start repeat lines has been improved
  • Sibelius no longer crashes when clicking on Detailed View in the Ideas panel
  • Sibelius no longer crashes when exiting from viewing a video in full screen mode (macOS Sierra only)
  • The staff size is now shown in Edit Instruments > Edit Staff Type
  • The top crashing issue from Sibelius 8.4 has also been addressed

“In addition to this,” senior product manager Sam Butler said,  “we have made improvements to the sizes of ossia staves. Since Sibelius 8.4, we introduced the ability to have two further staff sizes (Medium and X-Small).” The sizes of ossia staves from 8.4.2 are now two smaller than the size of the parent stave where possible, for example:

  • Normal parent -> Small ossia
  • Medium parent -> X-Small ossia
  • Small parent -> X-Small ossia
  • X-small parent -> X-small ossia

Sibelius 8.4.2 also comes with the latest version of Avid Application Manager, version 2.5.8, which now includes a silent install option, which Avid said provides a much smoother and more streamlined update experience to the user.

Sam said: “Work on Sibelius 8.5, our iOS app and improvements to Sibelius Cloud Publishing continue, and we’re looking forward to sharing more about those projects in due course.”

The update is free for all Sibelius users with active subscriptions and upgrade plans. The updated installers are available from Avid Application Manager or through users’ Avid Accounts.


  1. David Robinson

    Have you made any improvements in the percussion staves? In Sibelius 2 I used to open the Cymbals staff and be able to have the ride cymbal, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, and crash. Now all I get is the crash. The Percussion staff used to have all of the basic drums and som ecymbals. Now all I get is the bass, tenor, and snare (no cymbals of any kind).

  2. David Robinson

    The Keyboard Navigator disappears. I click on the tab to open it back up, but it won’t open. I have to find another one of my scores that has that Navigator and rewrite it, then save it. I have Sibelius 7.1.3.

  3. Luis Monroy

    as I can get the effect shake trumpet and trombone?

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