Sibelius 8.2 features start appearing on web sites


Although no official announcement has been made, the new features coming to Sibelius 8.2 have been made available on Avid’s newly-designed Sibelius web site and Japanese distributor Rock on Pro.

[Update: March 26, 2016 — The Avid web site has been updated to say “Coming soon” next to the new features in Sibelius 8.2.]

The main features appear to be:

  • Independent enharmonic spelling of notes in a part compared to the score
  • Correct placement of repeat barlines in relation to the position of time signatures
  • Ability to move notes and rests horizontally

Avid’s official web site says (italics added to highlight features new to Sibelius 8.2):

Get better rest

Inserting rests into your score is now easier and more intuitive. Whenever you add one, Magnetic Layout automatically repositions the rest to align optimally with the phrasing of preceding notes—no manual fixes required. Create easy-to-read scores faster than ever. Plus, you can now move rests and notes horizontally in your score.

Re-spell and repeat with ease

It’s now possible to have the same pitched note display a different accidental in any part compared to the rest of the score. You can also create concise first, second, and third time bars that appear and play back exactly like you’d expect them to, eliminating manual correction. Plus, all time signature changes now appear after the barline but before repeat barlines by default.

Screen shot of Avid’s Sibelius site, describing new features in Sibelius 8.2

Japanese distributor Rock on Pro provides more details and screengrabs:

Rock On Pro web site describing new features in Sibelius 8.2

Roughly translated:

  1. Scores with different accidentals are displayed in parts. Different accidentals (enharmonic notations) in scores will now display in both the score and individual parts.
  2. Repeat Barline in Time Signatures. By default, new time signature changes will now be displayed before the repeat barline.
  3. Sliding movements of notes and rests. Using a new keyboard shortcut, you will now easily move the note back and forth, and save time compared with manually cutting and pasting the music.

All valid licenses and subscription customers can be upgraded to 8.2. … Sibelius 8.2 is scheduled to release in March!

A source familiar with Avid’s plans confirmed that the updates were legitimate and likely to appear in Sibelius 8.2. No official release date or availability has been announced and it was unclear if the posts on the Avid web site and the distributor’s web site were intentional or made in error.

When Sibelius 8.2 is made available, we will post about it here.


  1. Tiago

    “Ability to move notes and rests horizontally.”

    That’s really nice !
    Before migrating to Sibelius I used Logic to write scores for many years and that is probably the feature I missed most during the transition.

  2. Gregory Jones

    Hi. I was the one who brought up some of this information on the Sibelius Help Center, specifically the Rock on Pro website.

    Other than that, I’m looking forward to the official announcement and see what Sibelius 8.2 can do.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Greg. Well-spotted!

  3. Composer

    I wonder if this Update is made before or after the upcoming yearly fees are implemented?

  4. Peter Thompson

    Along with 8.1’s intelligent rests with these new improvements, my confidence in the Sibelius team is restored once more. Long may it continue!

  5. michi

    And, but, what about disappeared keyboard shortcuts ?

  6. dino

    I’ll bet they STILL haven’t fixed multi-colour (voice) triplets towards the end of bars.. There’s a massive error here!

    1. Joe Pearson

      Hi Dino,

      Can you elaborate on what is broken a bit please? If you like, please feel free to send an example to me at


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