Sibelius 8.1.1 update available


update-downloadAvid today released Sibelius 8.1.1, a minor update to the recent Sibelius 8.1 update.

Sibelius 8.1.1 addresses a few issues:

  • Using the trackpad to navigate the score on a Mac should now be much easier. Sibelius is now better at discerning zoom and scroll gestures, leading to fewer undesirable jumps in zoom level
  • Sibelius’s sluggishness is improved, especially when interacting with the File > Export dialog
  • The German strings are updated in Engraving Rules > Rests
  • The warning string of file replacement now regularly appears when File > Export > Audio is in different formats
  • Online support links are fixed
  • Updates to the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French tutorial pdfs to follow standard style guidelines

Avid says that if you find the scrolling is still a little jittery, you can turn off Textures by going to File > Preferences and choosing Textures on the left. Click the Color buttons for each Paper and Desk and click OK. This will mean Sibelius doesn’t load a background texture and will make scrolling even smoother.

Senior product manager Sam Butler said, “This completes the improvements and work on 8.1 and we’re now on to further improvements in 8.2, which we’ll release in due course.”

The update is available through the Avid Application Manager or through the Avid Master Account to anyone with a current upgrade and support plan or current subscription to Sibelius.


  1. Ron Manning

    not ready at this point for an update but love the program & new notes

  2. Craig Brandau

    I’d like to get the 8.1 update but can’t seem to find out how to do this. I currently have the 7.5 and am running a Mac. Is the 8.1 a subscription service? I’m very confused.


  3. Wieslaw Rentowski

    I have Sib. 7.1.3
    Want to update to 8.1 Professional,
    including updated Audio Score (better instruments). Have Mac 10.10.5

    What do I need to do? Thanks!

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