Sibelius 8.0.1 update available


update-downloadToday Avid released Sibelius v8.0.1, the first update to Sibelius since its latest release in June this year. It’s also the first update made under the new support and upgrade scheme introduced along with Sibelius v8.

It is a fairly typical “.0.1” update, which much attention given to fixing bugs relating to the new annotation features, pen support, multi-touch, and high-res displays, as well as identifying and fixing some situations in which Sibelius crashes.

Sibelius v8.0.1 once again allows for “lasso” mode (making a selection by holding down Command on Mac and Shift on PC and using the mouse), correcting a regression introduced in Sibelius in June.

8.0.1 restores Quick Look, the Mac previewing feature, for all Sibelius files, after having been disabled in 8. There are also a number of corrections to the display of text in dialogs and menus on Mac as Sibelius now correctly uses the Lucida Grande font as before. This came about due to changes Apple made in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

On PC, 8.0.1 brings with it more refined support for the pen, fixing a number of selection problems. It is now possible to scroll through the score using one finger on touch screens and two fingers on trackpads when in Annotate and Note Input mode. Tweaks have also been made to the visibility of the cursor and the transport panel.

About the update, senior product manager Sam Butler told me: “We have a new smoothing algorithm that makes lines smoother and more efficient to draw, speeding up score redraw times and improving overall appearance. Annotation lines are thicker by default too, helping those with just a mouse but also allowing those with a pen to be more expressive.”

In addition to these and some other bug fixes, there are also a few nice modest improvements:

  • Pinch-to-zoom now works as you’d expect, zooming into wherever you have your cursor on screen (on Mac) or where your fingers are on Windows touch devices, instead of always in the middle of the screen;
  • When in Annotate mode, the cursor changes to a pen;
  • Translated versions of the Reference, Tutorials and What’s New documentation are now available in all eight languages that Sibelius supports;
  • One I’m particularly pleased about — Sibelius 8.0.1 now includes default support for the Norfolk family of fonts, with presets already entered. This means that users will simply be able to select Norfolk from the list of music fonts in Text > Format > Edit All Fonts and not need to spend time first setting it up in File > Preferences > Music Fonts, though you’ll still have to download the fonts separately (for free) from the NYC Music Services web site. The Norfolk fonts are updated with new documentation as well as some significant improvements made by Robin Walker to the Norfolk Special Extra Std font. Registered users of the Norfolk font are receiving a custom link today via e-mail to download the update to the Norfolk fonts.
The cursor now changes to a pen when in Annotate mode in Sibelius 8.0.1
The cursor now changes to a pen when in Annotate mode in Sibelius 8.0.1

Unfortunately there is still no way to filter annotations within a selection — and no plug-in has yet been devised to remove them — so if you’ve got a lot of them, it could be time-consuming to get rid of them (you can, of course, prevent them from being viewed by going to View > Invisibles and unchecking Annotations.

On the official Avid blog, Sam Butler also noted the following regarding compatibility with the tomorrow’s forthcoming official release of Mac OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”:

It’s important to note that Sibelius is not yet fully qualified on Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11). We’ve worked hard on improving the experience of Sibelius on Apple’s next operating system but there are still issues that mean we don’t recommend you upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 yet. We’ll announce further news on compatibility and support for El Capitan in due course.

If the new features introduced in June haven’t enticed you to upgrade from 7.5.1, this update will probably not compel you to do so, either. Those upgrading from an earlier version such as 7.1.3 can feel more confident of v8.0.1’s stability and can upgrade from a reseller or from Avid’s online store. Of course, if you’ve already got v8, then you’ll want to get v8.0.1 right away. It’s available from the Avid Application Manager that was also introduced with Sibelius in June or  through your Avid Master Account.


  1. Ray Morris

    Sibelius 7 meets my needs but Photoscore Ultimate is where the improvement is needed.
    ‘^’ comes out as ‘A’ most of the time.
    “cresc.” mostly comes out as “cresco”.
    Multiple rests often get misinterpreted.
    The title and other heading text invariably float to the wrong places and have to be deleted.
    The bar repeat symbol is not recognized.

  2. Tiago Costa

    Nice to hear about the Norfolk implementation.

    Did they fix the reduce plugin bug ?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Tiago. To my knowledge the reduce plug-in bug (which causes Sibelius to run more and more slowly) has not been fixed.

  3. Bob Zawalich

    Congratulations about getting Norfolk into this version. You guys have done a great job making that available to the community!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Bob!

  4. Rob

    So far, so good/great!
    There is so much to like, but a couple of annoyances are preventing me from loving it. I wonder if anyone else is either having these problems or has a fix.

    1. Scrolling is extremely jittery. This is a huge problem, since I connect my laptop to an LCD projector for my students. I have Sib 8 on a brand new macbook pro and the jittery scrolling is so distracting to my students (and maybe harmful?), that I haven’t made the switch from my very old macbook pro running Sib 5 – which scrolls at smooth as silk!

    2. Pinch to zoom is much too sensitive now. I use panorama view for my students and two finger scrolling from left to right on my mac now zooms in and out uncontrollably. I’d rather not disable the feature on my mac, so I’m wondering if there is a way to disable it in Sibelius?

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Theo May

      I am discussion with avid customer support about the scrolling/zooming issues on mac. It seems to me as though Sibelius is getting confused between two finger scrolling and pinch to zoom. It makes me wonder if anyone on the development team has even tried to use Sibelius with a macbook trackpad! It seems Sibelius is focusing heavily on the windows side of things at the moment, i just hope that they don’t forget about the Mac community…

  5. David

    I installed Sibelius 8 on my macbook air running El Capitan 10.10.5, upgraded to Sibelius 8.0.1 and it does not play any Sibelius file, even new ones. I hit the play button and the playback line does not move. I’ve tried changing the configuration and I get nothing. Can anyone help me with this problem?

    1. Michael LoBianco

      Avid recommends not upgrading to OS X El Capitan right now due to compatibility issues. Unfortunately, to fix the issue you may need to downgrade to OS X Yosemite or lower.

  6. tousroud

    Is there a way to deactivate the pinch to zoom in 8.0.1.
    It seems to be a new feature which is probably very helpful but not really efficient when you scroll up/down. When you scroll up/down with 2 fingers on a magic trackpad or on a MBP, you have a little zoom permanently on each movement…’s very….annoying!!!
    An idea?

    1. Shawn

      Looking for the same answer, the zoom is a complete nightmare

      1. Rob

        I hate to say this, but I’m really considering some other options at the moment. This is bar-none, the most annoying problem I’ve encountered in years. Considering how many other Mac/Sibelius users must be frustrated, this should be fixed immediately.

  7. Chris Summerfield

    This irrational zooming on Mac Yosemite is not just not acceptable! Please ask Avid to sort it immediately.
    It is a truly dreadful problem.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Avid is aware of it. Unfortunately, the only “fix” at the moment is to downgrade to 8.0.0. Sam Butler on the forum has offered help via e-mail.

      1. Shawn Harrel

        Seems like a quick fix would be to disable it in Sibelius only. I ended up turning it off in Mac OS settings since I never pinch and zoom anything. I’m old school. Haha

      2. Sam Butler

        Hi Chris,

        The workaround may be useful enough for you until we fix it. Try keeping your fingers close to one another and you’ll find it scrolls well without zooming.

        We have this on our list to fix soon.


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