Sibelius 7 Sounds template available from The Write Score

An orchestra, yesterday (courtesy gichristof on Flickr)

Hugh Smith is the author of the Sibelius 7 Sounds User Guide (an updated version of which is available for download from the Sibelius web site) and he is also the developer of sound sets and template scores that are designed to help you take best advantage of all of the instruments in various sample libraries. Hugh’s web site, The Write Score, is the home for his templates, including an updated template for Sibelius 7 Sounds that is updated as of Sibelius 7.1.

So why would you want to consider Hugh’s Sibelius 7 Sounds template? Simply put, Hugh has created custom instrument definitions for every instrument in the library, including every unpitched percussion instrument, so that you have every single sound in the library at your fingertips. For a more complete overview of the benefits, check out The Write Score.


  1. Itzhak Yaron

    I dread messing up my system.
    I see that sib has gerritan templates associated with when exporting, and I have mainly East West.
    is your system seamless playing East west sounds off sibelious?

  2. Itzhak Yaron

    Please notify me to e-mail when you reply.
    [email protected]

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