Sibelius 2018.4.1 released with bug fixes


Today Avid released Sibelius 2018.4.1, a maintenance release to the substantial 2018.4 release from earlier this month.

That release added support for multi-text input, a new note spacing rule, and the ability to add and delete the first bar of a score without losing catalog information. A few bugs hitched their way along for the ride, though, significantly a problem copying to the system clipboard, which rendered many plug-ins useless, such as Tom Curran’s venerable Impose Sketch onto Template and the Retrograde Pitches and Rhythms plug-in.

This has now been fixed along with several other important items, such as one that prevented non-English localizations to take advantage of the Version 3 note spacing rule.

Here’s a full list:

  • Sibelius no longer unexpectedly quits when creating a new score from the Quick Start dialog, adding two or more grand staff instruments and subsequently removingone or more of them
  • It’s once again possible to add fingering numbers when editing chord diagrams
  • An issue that prevented certain ManuScript plug-ins from addressing clipboard 0 is now fixed. This issue manifested as various different problems in various plug-ins, all of which should now be back to normal
  • It’s now possible to use the new Version 3 voice positioning rules when working in a non-English localization
  • It is once again possible to add text to an empty bar when using a passage selection
  • Updated versions of the Split Bar, Merge Bars and Resize Bars plug-ins are now shipping in all localizations
  • A rare case where the playback of certain string instruments would be inadvertently high-pass-filtered is now fixed

The Sibelius 2018.4.1 update is free for all Sibelius Ultimate and Sibelius users with active subscriptions and upgrade plans. The updated installers are available from Avid Application Manager or through users’ Avid Accounts.


  1. Bradley Hecht

    Once again, the one bug I’d like to see fixed. If you want put in a double bar at the beginning of the staff (Like ALL the real books, like ALL the Aebersold books etc, like ALL the big band charts) Sibelius won’t do it! Encore has a nice system that allows you to specify which part (front or back, left or right) of the measure the double bar applies to.
    Please forward to sibelius!!

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