Scorch updated for compatibility with Chrome for Windows


Scorch Scorch, the free web browser plug-in that allows anyone to play Sibelius scores online, has been updated for compatibility with Google’s Chrome browser on Windows.

The Scorch download page contains the latest installer. However, in order to download to correct installer, you will actually have to use Chrome to access the page—otherwise, you won’t get the correct installer.

Sam Butler at Avid provided some more helpful information:

If you have problems installing this update, first uninstall any previous version of Scorch you have by going to Start, Control Panel and then Programs and Features. Uninstall Sibelius Scorch from there and then you should be able to run the new installer.

A note for Mac users: we are continuing to work on a solution to run Scorch in the latest version of Firefox. For now, please continue to install the ESR release of Firefox.

We will post news on any further developments as we have it.

We further learned on the Sibelius forum that Score Exchange (the successor to has lifted the block on viewing scores on Chrome on Windows, and that Avid is working on an update to Scorch for iPad.


  1. Michael Kummer

    The 64bit version of Scorch for the latest Safaris is overdue for years now. Would be great if that would appear anytime soon.

  2. Carsten Madsen

    We are waiting for at Scorch for Sibelius 7. Is it comming – soon?

  3. Alysenet

    When I try viewing various music scores at, I am still getting a puzzle piece icon in Chrome. IE is equally hopeless — get an “X” symbol. Back on my XP computer I used to be able to at least play music scores at that site using Scorch. My new computer is a Windows 7 OS, and yes, when I open IE it does not say 64-bit and is therefore the needed 32-bit mode for viewing scores from ScoreExchange using Scorch in IE. Yes, as a last resort, I uninstalled the “old” (a couple of hours old) Scorch versions I had installed from my CD. I then installed the version at this sibelius site, which I believe was the same as what I already had installed (6.2.0) but was worth a shot. Yes, restarted my browser and the computer too.

  4. Fred Sanford

    Scorch vs Chrome. Pain in the azz every time. Re-install, re-start blah blah blah. Just get it together Sibeius, why you gotta fight Google. Just want my damn music.

  5. isaac bergman

    I have NO intention of uninstalling my older version of Sibelius Scorch in order to TRY to install a newer version of Scorch. I don’t trust the Company: will I be be able to play/activate ANY of my old music????. If whoever owns the Program wants to get my purchase, it will stop making life or lives difficult by allowing a normal update of programme. By the way, who does own Sibelius Scorch? I doubt if anyone really knows. Either that or there is a conspiracy of silence.

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