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pdfbatchbookletA couple of weeks ago on this blog I announced a new free app by Abraham Lee and distributed by NYC Music Services called Batch Scale PDF (now renamed PDF-BatchScale), with which you can quickly scale many PDF files to virtually any size by simply dragging the files into the app’s window and clicking a button.

Well, Abraham has done it again and created a companion app for those of us needing to impose many booklets or 2-ups from single-page PDFs at once. Appropriately enough, it’s called PDF-BatchBooklet, and it’s a simple way to, for instance, take concert-size pages (9”x12”) and impose them on 18”x12” paper, which is my most commonly used scenario.


Just like PDF-BatchScale, you start off with PDF-BatchBooklet by simply dragging and dropping your files onto the application window, or by clicking the Add button to locate them in your file browser:


There are a a few clever options from which to choose. You can create a traditional booklet by choosing the Folded Booklet Order option. To make a 2-up or other single-sided “accordion” style booklet, choose Straight Page Order.

In addition, there’s an Allow half sheets checkbox. Checking this box in Folded Booklet Order mode will create a double-sided insert on the same size page as the original PDF — you’ll likely need to tape this page into the booklet. Checking the box in Straight Page Order mode will make last page in an odd-numbered PDF to be created on the same size page as the original PDF — in this case, for example, with a 5-page part you’d print pages 1 through 4 on 18”x12” and page 5 on 9”x12”.

There are helpful diagrams to illustrate each mode:


As is the case with PDF-BatchScale, you can optionally add a prefix or suffix to the filename of the newly-generated PDF file that PDF-BatchBooklet creates, and you can specify a new output directory or use the source directory of your original PDFs. Once you click Process Files, your new booklets are created in an instant.

There are several apps already that can create booklets, with prices ranging from a few dollars to several hundred, depending on their feature set. A couple of less-expensive apps on the Mac side are the $10 Create Booklet and the $35 Cheap Impostor, both of which can adjust for “booklet-creep” and other finely-detailed options.

But for a fast and free way to create many simple booklets at once in the moments before a deadline or session, PDF-BatchBooklet fits the bill quite nicely.

It’s available for both Mac & PC, and it’s free to download and use from the Resources page of the NYC Music Services web site (e-mail registration required to get the download link and to automatically receive any updates to the app).

Abraham Lee worked hard on PDF-BatchBooklet, and if you download it and find that it enhances your workflow, feel free to drop him a line! He’s accepting donations, which is a great way to thank him.

Meanwhile, enjoy the app, and please leave a note in the comments below if you find it useful.


  1. itzhak yaron

    How do I create an accound so I can download software?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Itzhak: No need to create an account. Just click the button at the bottom of this page and provide your e-mail address upon checkout so that the app can be e-mailed to you for free.

  2. Peter McAleer

    It could have been PDQ Batch I suppose? ;-)

    1. Philip Rothman

      Ha, nicely done, Peter!

  3. Bob Zawalich

    Thanks for putting out another useful tool, Philip. Free is nice, too!

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