NumPad 2.0 for iPhone has dedicated Sibelius mode


I received an email from Luc Vandal of iPhone developer edovia about the release of NumPad 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. I’ve blogged about another numeric keypad application before, BALMUDA Design’s Number Key, but NumPad 2.0 takes the concept of an external numeric keypad a whole extra step further by having a dedicated Sibelius layout built right into the app!

NumPad 2.0's Sibelius layout
NumPad 2.0's Sibelius layout

All of the familiar symbols from the first Keypad layout in Sibelius are shown on NumPad’s display, making it even easier to use with Sibelius than before.

NumPad works by connecting to your Mac via your wireless network. You install a small application on your Mac, then install the NumPad app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application on your Mac allows it to connect to the NumPad app on your iPhone, and then away you go: as you tap on your iPhone, the keypresses are passed right back through to Sibelius, or whatever application you’re using. Very cool!

If you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or one of the new iMacs with the mini aluminium keyboard with no numeric keypad, then NumPad may just be the ideal companion for your mobile music making. Check it out!


  1. TC

    This is so cool !

  2. mkummer

    That App is great – not the first of its kind but the first with Sibelius support. If the developers would manage to support all the different Sibelius keyboard layouts, this App would stand out – perhaps that could be arranged?


  3. Yakov Hadash

    Yes, NumPad 3.0 needs extra buttons and support for all six layouts. This alone might make me buy an iPod Touch

  4. mkummer

    And – the Connection routine should be made easier. Why using the file sharing thing? I have another app like this called NumberKey which connects via a small app on the Mac and it uses simply an existing WiFi connection. Optional you can make it run over Bluetooth.

  5. Peter MacColeman

    I agree. Daniel if you talk to these developers. They need to make connection easier. I picked up the app but won’t use until they make it so I don’t need to open my computer’s security up to use it.

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