Notion Mobile 3.3.1 released


Notion Mobile, the cross-platform music composition application from PreSonus, has recently been updated to version 3.3 with many new enhancements and fixes, and today received a further maintenance update to version 3.3.1, addressing additional issues. Version 3.3 is the first significant update to the app since Notion Mobile 3.2 was released in July 2023.

Features include support for layout control, enhancements to its notation including writing for harp, and a new cross-platform document recovery feature. Note that while Notion Mobile is free, some features are only available with an additional purchase of a $15 Feature Bundle, or an active Studio One+ membership.

Listen to the podcast episode

On the Scoring Notes podcast, David MacDonald and Philip Rothman talk with Notion’s product manager Chris Swaffer about what Notion is, who it’s for, and where it’s headed. Listen now:

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
Chris Swaffer's Notion of where music notation software is headed


Notion Mobile 3.3 features

Here are the new features in Notion Mobile 3.3, as provided by PreSonus.

Layout control

Layout control handles are now available for the first time in Notion Mobile, as part of the Feature Bundle.

Show Layout Handles

Once enabled, squares (or drag handles) are now visible – these allow staves and systems to be dragged vertically, and measure lines to be dragged horizontally. Note that these handles are only visible in Print View.

If a handle has been dragged, then the square is filled in to show that a manual adjustment has been made. Layout is independent between full score and parts and between individual parts.

Reset Spacing

Simply select the layout handles square, and hit Delete or the eraser icon.

Hairpin angles

With the Layout Tool active, you can also change the opening angle of a hairpin, or its overall angle. This can be done in Print View and Screen View.

Notation improvements

Notation spacing

Notion now has new note spacing rules for cleaner scores and enhanced legibility.

Included in these improvements are that notes will space evenly between staves that include tuplets. For example, if you have concurrent duplets against triplets, the triplets will now be evenly spaced as expected.

Mandolin chord diagrams

Notion now includes chord diagrams for mandolin – alongside its existing library of chord diagrams for guitar, banjo and ukulele.

Melismas now carry over

Melismas are lines within lyrics that denote a syllable is to be sung over multiple notes. If the final syllable of a word crosses a system or page break then the melisma will now carry over. Ooh yeah!

Tuplet side

Tuplet numbers and brackets can now be forced either above, below, or on their default side. The number can be shown as a ratio or hidden, and the bracket shown or hidden. Select a note or tuplet then go to the context menu > Tuplet.

New score

A new background shows when no instruments are added to a new score. Click anywhere to reopen the instrument picker:

Beaming pattern

Now on entering a time signature, you can specify a beaming pattern. For example, to beam eighth notes automatically in a ‘three plus two plus two’ pattern in 7/8, enter “3+2+2”

Measure number changes

Measures can now be re-numbered. Double tap a bar number and type in what number you wish to continue from. Notion will then adjust all subsequent numbers and stops if it encounters a measure you had re-numbered at an earlier time.

Harp tuning tool

Pedal diagram

You can now enter custom harp pedal diagrams in Notion Mobile. Select a harp staff, and select the harp pedal diagram tool from the Tools Palette. Or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+H on macOS and iOS, or Ctrl+H on other platforms.

Use the dialog to select the tuning required – the top row for flat, middle row for natural, and bottom row for sharp.

The diagram will show letter names, but if you select ‘Show as Diagram’ then a standard harp pedal diagram will be displayed.

The position of the blocks indicate the pedal positions, with D, C and B operated by the left foot, and E, F, G and A operated by the right foot.

Harp pedal help

If there are red notes in the harp part following a harp diagram, these indicate that further pedal changes are required.

With the harp pedal tool active, click the red note. The pedal dialog then opens with a suggested solution automatically notated, in this case showing the G pedal should be changed to G♯:

If the harp diagram itself turns red, it indicates that the player needs more time to change the pedals than written. Pull the diagram ahead of time or rewrite the passage. If it’s not possible to make a change, the diagram will still print black.

Harp gliss playback

Notion will play back harp glissandi according to the pedals set. In the example above, the gliss will now playback with an F♯ and C♯ in the scale.

Document recovery

New for version 3.3 is a document recovery feature, available cross-platform, including on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Fire OS.

Notion will automatically save your progress as you compose in a temporary file, as well as saving your main document when you close the file. Should a problem occur you will be presented automatically with an option to restore your session from either your main file or temporary file.

If you wish to force save at any point, you can still use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+S (or Ctrl+S), but there is also now a menu entry in the Application menu. This is now also the case for Save As (Cmd+Shift+S or Ctrl+Shift+S).

Release notes

Notion Mobile v3.3, and the subsequent 3.3.1 update, contain many more improvements and fixes. For the full release notes for each version of Notion Mobile, visit their official site.


  1. Adrien de Croy

    Was anything mentioned about Notion 6 for desktop? It seems to be abandonware.

    1. Chris S

      Tangentially addressed in the podcast episode, in that Notion’s existing features are being rewritten on PreSonus’ custom software framework. Notion 6 desktop remains available and supported.

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