NotePerformer 3.2 brings multi-articulation support for Dorico and other fixes


Today, Wallander Instruments released NotePerformer 3.2, an update to its plug-and-play sound library. Coming just a month after the substantial NotePerformer 3.1 update, 3.2 is more modest in scope but is still an important update for this valuable playback tool. Most significantly, for Dorico users, multiple articulations will now work with any new scores.

The 3.2 update also includes a number of performance fixes, so all users should update.

Multi-articulation support for Dorico

NotePerformer 3.2 uses a new approach for VST expression maps, which allows Dorico to support multiple articulations at the same time. This means that, for instance, that NotePerformer will play articulations and slurs in Dorico while also using “con sord.”, like in this example:

The release notes say that “most, but not all, combinations are supported at this point.”

Any scores saved with a prior version of NotePerformer will still have the older expression map, because Dorico only updates a score’s expression maps when you explicitly ask it to do so.

After installing the NotePerformer 3.2 update, to update an existing score to a more recent NotePerformer expression map, you need to follow this procedure:

  • Open Play > Expression Maps…
  • Locate the NotePerformer expression map and select it
  • Click Reset to Library Defaults
  • Make sure the expression map’s version now says 12 (or higher)

Other improvements

NotePerformer 3.2 fixes the following problems:

  • Fixed issue with HP Preferences in German Finale
  • Automatic repair of built-in Human Playback Preferences errors in Finale
  • Added mapping for “Ride Cymbal 2” in Finale
  • Fixed more Sibelius issues with jazz accents performing on the wrong notes
  • Less glide for legato vocals
  • Fixed bug in Dorico with prolonged notes at the end of a slur
  • Fixed bug affecting mixer overrides (Finale & Dorico)
  • Fixed bug with pizzicato triggering (Finale & Dorico)
  • Fixed bug with fast repeats during “let ring” that caused unwanted buildups of notes and CPU issues during fast tremolos with percussion instruments, when notated “let ring” in Sibelius, or using pedal lines in Sibelius or Dorico.
  • Fixed bug where installation could fail on macOS Mojave
  • Restart is no longer required for Finale users on macOS 10.13+
  • The correct VST version number is now displayed in Dorico
  • Fixed “first note after dynamic” issue, where the first note following a dynamic change wouldn’t always play the note at the intended dynamic.
  • General bug fixes and optimizations for Sibelius sound set

Availability and more information

As usual NotePerformer 3.2 is a free update for all existing NotePerformer users — even users that haven’t yet upgraded to NotePerformer 3.

For new users, NotePerformer 3 is available as a download for $129, and a 30-day free trial is offered.

For more information and details about NotePerformer and the 3.2 update, consult the version history and users guide.


  1. Robert

    I do appreciate this 3.2 update, but sadly the problem I’ve been having with staccato and non-staccato notes in a piano score still isn’t solved by it. It still plays back as if both are staccato’d.

    1. Karl

      Yes! I have the same problem in a Piano score where staccato silences both hands! Do you have any workarounds?

  2. John

    Hi, thank you for the review.
    Is there any news on updates to Noteperformer that better supports Dorico 3? For example, artificial harmonics?

    It has been a while that Noteperformer has been quiet and would love to know if there is going to be any further releases or should I look into different technologies for my needs.

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