Notation software sessions at 2014 MOLA Conference


The Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association (MOLA) is holding their 32nd annual conference from May 2-5, 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida. Hosted by the New World Symphony, the conference can’t come a moment too soon for those of us afflicted by the extreme winter we’ve had in much of the US!

The New World Center in Miami Beach, Florida
The New World Center in Miami Beach, Florida

The conference agenda features a healthy mix of business meetings, breakout sessions, and socializing for the MOLA membership, comprised of professional librarians from performing organizations around the world. Vendors, publishers, and other music organizations will also be represented.

I will be presenting three one-hour sessions at the conference this year, all tailored specifically to the practical tasks that librarians need to accomplish:

  1. Finale and Sibelius: A Comparison — We’ll discuss when it may be advantageous to use one program or the other. The question “Where do I find this feature in the other program?” will be answered as well as an examination of when it would be beneficial to use MusicXML to convert one file format to other.
  2. Using Sibelius in the Library — We’ll explore how to use Sibelius to address common library situations including transpositions, inserts, corrections, and more. Basics of score of setup, formatting, and workflow will be addressed along with common pitfalls. A discussion of how to adjust Sibelius’s house styles to match existing print materials and how to use Dynamic Parts will be included.
  3. Using Finale in the Library — Like the Sibelius session above, but with Finale.

These one-hour sessions will surely go by quickly, so I am delighted to be offering a limited number of one-on-one consultations by appointment, for those delegates who have specific questions about Sibelius or Finale and need help with particular issues. To register in advance for a consultation, just visit the special page on the NYC Music Services web site.

Presenting a Sibelius training session
Presenting a Sibelius training session

I’m honored that MOLA has invited me to present at their upcoming conference. After reading Daniel Spreadbury’s report from the 2011 London conference, I’m anticipating a similarly high level of eager and inquisitive participation this time in Miami. Now — I wonder if it is possible to hold the sessions outside in the nice weather and display the score images on that big wall in SoundScape Park?


  1. Bob Zawalich

    “Where do I find this feature in the other program?” would really be a great thing to know! Great idea, Philip!

  2. Kevin Riley

    Can someone tell me why on a Sibelius blog, do we adverts for finale?

    1. Bob Hayden-Gilbert

      I’d often wondered the same thing.

  3. Kevin Riley

    apologies I should have said do we find adverts……

  4. Ruben Corona

    I have been a Sibelius user for several years. I have found The various editions of Sibelius to be very productive program.

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