Norfolk Harp, a new addition to the Norfolk font family


There’s a new addition to the Norfolk family of Sibelius-compatible Bravura fonts. Norfolk Harp Std is a new font containing Bravura characters for use with harp techniques. Unlike the core Norfolk fonts, Norfolk Harp Std is not a replacement for any particular Sibelius font, but rather is intended to supplement the core Norfolk fonts.

Bob Zawalich and Robin Walker collaborated on porting the symbols from Bravura and creating a Norfolk version with Sibelius-compatible codepoints. Included in the download package, along with updated house styles containing the harp symbols, is a transfer document, in order to easily copy and paste these symbols into an existing Sibelius document.

The symbols included with the Norfolk Harp Std font

There are no updates to the core Norfolk fonts from the last update, although the documentation has been updated.

The original purpose of the Norfolk project was to create Sibelius-compatible Bravura replacements for symbols that exist in the default Sibelius fonts such as the Opus family. Although Norfolk Harp Std deviates from this purpose in that it’s an add-on for symbols that mostly don’t exist already in Opus, Bob wanted to create a way to use these harp symbols in Sibelius, and developing a Norfolk Harp font seemed like the best way to do it.

With Robin’s help, we decided to include it in the Norfolk suite so that there would be wide distribution and some standardization among the more than 1,000 registered users of the Norfolk font family. Plus, anything Bob works on is always worth being a part of in some way!

Head on over to the Norfolk product page to download the entire set, if you haven’t already.



  1. Dr.Dave

    Thanks for this great addition to the font. I’m sure that harpists will appreciate it, and I’m already looking over harp parts I’ve written to clarify things (and getting new ideas as I do). After thinking I saw a power drill in bar 32 (not enough coffee yet) I took a closer look at the symbols and they look superb!

  2. itzhak yaron

    Hi I am new to this . quick question . I am worried about complicating things . Fonts look great ,familiar but :
    is installation straight forward?

  3. Bob Zawalich

    You can use these symbols without needing to use the rest of the Norfolk fonts (though they give you access to a beautiful music font so it is worth considering installing everything).

    Here is the minimum you need to do to access these symbols.

    1. Download the Norfolk zip file.
    2. Unzip, find the Norfolk Harp Std font and install it on your machine,
    3. Copy the Sibelius score (Sibelius 6 or later) “Harp techniques transfer document.sib” to your default scores folder.
    4. Open Harp techniques transfer document.sib and leave it in the background.
    5. Open your own score. When you want one of these symbols, go to the transfer document and select and copy a symbol (use ctrl/cmnd-c, not the alt-click method), then paste it into your document.

    That’s all there is to it. After you paste the symbol you will find it available in the Zymbols list, so you can add more of them from there without needing to return to the transfer document.

  4. Max Tofone

    Thanks a lot Bob, Robin and Philip for this addition to the Norfolk font.

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