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wholenote-norfolkTwo months ago we released Norfolk, the free Sibelius-compatible version of the Bravura music font designed by Daniel Spreadbury at Steinberg, and the responses to it have been very nice.

That release on October 9 was based on Bravura 1.02, which was the most current version of the font at the time we began working on this project. Since then, Bravura has been updated several times and now stands at version 1.08. So we have updated Norfolk to incorporate some of those changes, as well as fixing a few errors of our own making. The most current version of Norfolk stands at 2014-11-30.

If you downloaded the fonts on October 17 or later, you would have provided your e-mail address through our secure store and thus have already received notice of the update. If you downloaded the fonts earlier than that, or received the fonts from someone else, please take a moment to download the update here. Notices about future updates to the fonts will likely not be posted to this blog unless there is a serious problem or major improvements, but registered users will receive a notice of any updates via e-mail.

Interested in what’s changed? Read on:

  • Corrected Norfolk Special Std: the top and bottom wings for the right repeat barline, to display correctly on winged repeats
  • Corrected various incorrect or missing mappings in Norfolk Ornaments Std
  • New or updated glyphs in Norfolk Ornaments Std: Quilisma, Trill (alternate form), Battement, Vertical Line, Oriscus
  • In Norfolk Std, reduced the size of the augmentation dot to 2/5 space in diameter, and likewise reduced the size of the staccato articulation to 1/3 space; also improved positioning of the staccato articulation
  • The House Styles have been adjusted to compensate for the smaller augmentation dot
  • In Norfolk Std, improved versions of G, F, and C clefs
  • In Norfolk Special II Std, improved versions of G, F, and C clefs, and all their variants, including the forms with ligated numbers
  • In Norfolk Special II Std, improved versions of the octave markers (8, 8va, 8vb, et al)

Bravura 1.08 now uses a longer (3¼ space) flag as its default option, but we opted not to include it in Norfolk, since the longer flags would look too large on shorter-stemmed notes in Sibelius, and it is not possible to dynamically adjust the flag size. So Norfolk still uses the 2¾ space flag.

Do you have any interesting projects that you’re using Norfolk with? Download the update, and let us know!


  1. Peter McAleer

    Great looking results! Thank you Philip, nice work.

    I finally managed to get the installation plus House Style to work in Sibelius 7.1.3 on an A3 orchestral score I’m working on. I had to remember that you must create the House Styles Folder if it doesn’t already exist (it won’t if you haven’t exported house styles from Sibelius before) – something for the documentation? After importing the House Style into the A3 score I had to reconfigure the Page Margin settings in Document Setup, they had gone weird. I could look into why this is but I’ve run out of time just now.

    Very impressed with the new font now I’ve got it working, and your work too, Philip. Thanks again!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Peter!

  2. Mike Philcox

    Thanks for your work on this, Philip. I have been using Norfolk for a couple of months now and love its darker, easier readability. I am wondering, though, re installation of the update. Do I go through the same steps as if I was installing for the first time?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Mike. You should replace the fonts on your computer, and replace the old house style with the new one in the Library folder. You don’t need to assign the music fonts in Sibelius all over again, though.

  3. Mike Philcox

    Thanks, Philip. I will do that and look forward to having the latest update.

  4. Mehrab Zandi

    Hello Mr.Rothman
    when i was going to download Norfolk iran was not in the list of the countries
    but thank you anyway:)

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