New M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 includes Sibelius First


The brand new M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 is an ultra-portable MIDI controller that was announced a couple of weeks ago. Over the last couple of years, mini keyboard controllers have become very popular, and Avid’s new entry into this growing segment of the market has a number of advantages over other, similar products.

Firstly, the keyboard has 32 keys rather than the more common 25, which makes a huge difference in terms of playing two-handed. Secondly, the keys are slightly closer to regular piano size than on most similar keyboards, and the playing feel is substantially better, too. Although the keyboard lacks drum pads, it does have assignable controls, and impressively includes the ability to adjust the velocity curve, so that you can tailor the keyboard to your own playing style.

The keyboard is fully plug-and-play on Windows and Mac OS X, with no drivers or other software to install, and is even qualified for use with the iPad via the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

Excitingly, the Keystation Mini 32 even comes with a full license for Sibelius First, which would otherwise retail separately for a suggested price of $129 US or £119 in the UK. And the suggested price for the Keystation Mini 32? Just $99 US or £54.95 in the UK!


  1. Peter Roos

    That is good value for the money.

  2. Wheat Williams

    Unfortunately there’s a major omission here. I’ve looked at the Avid M-Audio product listing page and all the materials for the Keystation Mini 32 and they don’t mention Sibelius First anywhere. They don’t mention anything at all about any bundled software. There is one thumbnail that links to a small screen shot of Sibelius First, but there is no text explaining it. So anybody who hears about the Keystation Mini 32 and goes to the Web site will probably be totally unaware that Sibelius First is part of the deal–and it’s a great deal! So please get on the horn to Avid M-Audio and get them to add to their marketing materials!

  3. Erik Maki

    I ordered the Keystation 32 through my “authorized local retailer”. This product was so new that no stores had any in stock, which is why I chose to have it shipped directly to me via Guitar Center. That was two weeks ago and I have yet to receive a shipment of this device and Guitar Center says they are still waiting on the item and that it’s backordered. When will it hit the shelves? And if it has, why does Guitar Center show no stock?

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      I understand that certainly has the product in stock, but as always with a new product introduction, it can take a few weeks for the product to ship from our warehouses to the warehouses of our distributors and from there out to individual resellers. I hope you receive your Keystation Mini 32 very soon!

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