scores Sibelius 7 a perfect 10

A perfect 10, yesterday (courtesy pigpogm on Flickr)

After being probably the last person to review Sibelius 6 back in April of this year, Mark Sealey at is now the first person (to my knowledge, at any rate) to publish a detailed review of Sibelius 7, and I’m delighted to report that he loves the new version. You can read the full review yourself, but here are a couple of highlights:

It’s not easy to think of any (major: most people will have their pet likes/dislikes) area that needed improving which hasn’t been attended to in Sibelius 7. At the same time, all functionality, all ease of use, all paths to achieving – simply and reliably – what you want to achieve in writing music have been retained.

There are large changes – like the “Ribbon”. There are many small ones like the ability to find an instrument using Type-ahead; like the degree to which such options as Note input preset (see above, duration vs pitch) can be customized; like the highly flexible text editing capabilities; like some changes to the positioning of single buttons to invoke “Panorama” view and zooming etc. The blend – despite some early squeals – is a felicitous one. This version is a winner.

If you haven’t tried Sibelius 7 out yet, you can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial from the Sibelius web site.

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