MuseScore 3.0 beta released


Last week, MuseScore announced the beta release of MuseScore 3.0. This new version of MuseScore is a separate application from MuseScore 2.x and will be the first major release of MuseScore since it was acquired by Ultimate Guitar earlier in 2018. It has been nearly four years since MuseScore 2.0 was released, and there have been several updates since then: MuseScore 2.1 in May 2017; 2.2 in April 2018, and 2.3 in July 2018.

MuseScore 3.0 beta on Mac

The announcement of the MuseScore 3.0 beta release is at the MuseScore forum, where you can also find download links and other information.

There are many new features and improvements in MuseScore 3.0:

Improved score layout

  • Automatic placement, layout, and spacing
  • Generate parts from individual voices so you can combine instruments on a single staff
  • Manual overrides, above/below placement settings, temporary and cutaway staves, mid-score staff type changes, and more

New notation features

  • Handwritten font for music notation
  • Noteheads with pitch names
  • Automatic system dividers
  • New articulations, expression text, clefs, accidentals, augmentation dots, capo changes, and more

Improved usability features

  • Tours to provide help as needed
  • Timeline and single page view for easier score navigation
  • Score comparison tool to identify differences between versions
  • Timewise insert and delete to provide more editing freedom
  • Search facility to help you find palette elements
  • Improved Style and Inspector tools for control over appearance and behavior of score elements

Improved playback controls

  • Improved Mixer for easier control of instrument sounds
  • Improved Piano Roll for fine control of individual notes
  • Improved Play Panel for faster access to playback controls

New autoupdate facility for Windows and MacOS

  • A brand new autoupdate engine has been developed and included in MuseScore 3 Beta. Keeping up to date with new releases no longer requires you to manually go find and download them.

When MuseScore 3.0 is out of beta and officially released, we will have a more thorough review on Scoring Notes.


  1. Robert Wildling

    Do you happen to know, if beams over system / page break are supported already?

    1. Dominik

  2. Riaan van Niekerk

    To anyone else finding this page in December 2018 or later:

    The original MuseScore 3.0 Beta 1 has as of this writing, been superseded by MuseScore 3.0 Beta 2 (called MuseScore 3 Beta Update (December 7, 2018)) on that page. To find the latest releases, Beta or otherwise, see

    To download the latest Beta, see
    this page will always link to the latest Beta download released.

    If you are looking for more information about each of the features listed above, see

  3. Philippe Pierre Rousset

    I use window 10. U used Muscore2 for years love it
    Muscore 3 will not export to .wav
    Muscore 3 will not add soundfonts pallets in the synth

    Is this because of window v.s mac ???

  4. Derek Williams

    Downloaded this, but it won’t install, and the error message states this is because my El Capitan OS 10.11.6 is too old.

  5. Robert Wildling

    It does say 10.12 is required:

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