Microsoft releases update for problematic security patch affecting font display


Last week, we reported that Windows users noticed that their Type 1 and OpenType (OTF) fonts stopped displaying in Sibelius 7. This was due to a faulty Microsoft security update; you can read more here.

Now, I’m happy to report that Microsoft has re-released the update, which solves this problem.

According to Microsoft manager Dustin Childs:

We have re-released security update MS12-078 to address an issue in certain fonts. Customers who have enabled automatic updates will not need to take any action. For those who apply updates manually, we recommend deploying the updated package as soon as possible.

More information is here.


  1. Neil Sands

    Great news! Thanks for passing it on. I can turn auto update back on now.

  2. Joseph Botwinick

    Hey there,

    Is this the Sebelius 7.1.3 Update? I am just wanting to make sure because I thought I downloaded this like a month ago when I first got Sebelius, but now, my computer is sending me a message suggesting I download it to fix problems with my computer.

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