Lelandia fonts for Sibelius updated


The Lelandia music fonts for Sibelius have been updated.

This is a minor update, dated 2023-09, with the following fixes:

  • The time signatures for common time and cut time are positioned better.
  • The C clefs are slightly enlarged.
  • Dynamics ending in “f”, such as f, mf, and ff no longer cause expressive text to be placed too far to the right, when in the same expression object.

If you’ve already downloaded Lelandia, you can obtain the update by logging into your account at Notation Central, or by going to the Retrieve Files page and entering your e-mail address to obtain the download link.

If you haven’t gotten Lelandia yet, it’s available from Notation Central. Lelandia is a suite of fonts that’s been migrated from Leland, which is the default music font used in newer versions of MuseScore. Leland is inspired by the look of the SCORE engraving program, created by Leland Smith. Read all about it here, along with some instructions and tips for use.

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