John Hinchey to give free Sibelius workshop at Sweetwater


johnMy colleague John Hinchey will be giving a Sibelius workshop this Saturday, January 18 at 10:00 am, at the Sweetwater Performance Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The cost? How does free sound?

Topics include:

  • Why put notes on paper?
  • Basic Sibelius concepts
  • Sibelius signal flow
  • Keys to an efficient workflow
  • Tips to keep your musicians and clients happy
  • Tutorial on drum set notation
  • How to work better, faster, and smarter with Sibelius
The Sweetwater Performance Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN
The Sweetwater Performance Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana

John is an all-around musician based in Nashville, and his Sibelius chops are legendary. In addition to his extensive gigging and composing, he finds time to author the blog Notes on Notes, which has some terrific tips on notation, arranging, and music preparation.

The session will run about two hours. Registration is required, and space is limited. The workshop is sponsored by Sweetwater and Avid.

Don’t live near Fort Wayne? It’s less than a 3 hour drive from Chicago, Detroit, or Indianapolis. Why not grab some early morning coffee and make a road trip out of it?

If you attend, let us know how it goes!


  1. Justin Tokke

    This sound amazing! Too bad it’s too far from New York.

  2. Bernie Cossentino

    Too far from Montreal :(

    Will there be a live stream? If not, perhaps the event can be recorded and posted sometime?

  3. gordon penny

    please tell me about these things in advance- I was in sweetwater that day and didn’t know it was going on.. I use sibelius daily and would have loved that!

  4. gordon penny

    PLease tell me the session was recorded and it can be enjoyed by clicking on a sweetwater link somewhere. please please please


  5. gordon penny

    was the session recorded?
    where can I view it?


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