Introducing a new way to buy Sibelius products

A shopping trolley on a laptop, yesterday. (Courtesy alles-schlumpf on Flickr)

It has always been possible to buy Sibelius from our network of expert distributors and resellers around the world, and in select countries (namely the UK, US and Australia) it has also been possible to buy some of our products directly from the Sibelius web site.

Today marks the start of an exciting new era, as the Sibelius web store has been closed (goodbye, old friend!) and a shiny new replacement has been unveiled in the form of the new Avid online superstore. Now you can shop for Sibelius products together with Avid’s other audio and video products from a single online storefront, and from pretty much any country.

In addition to being able to buy boxed versions of Sibelius that are shipped out to you on DVD-ROM in sturdy yet attractive cardboard boxes, you can also now purchase new copies and upgrades for Sibelius for immediate download, so you can scratch that music notation itch within minutes (well, hours – the Sibelius download is pretty big) rather than days.

A word to the wise: if you are going to purchase an upgrade online at the new Avid superstore, beware that you will see all of the various upgrade types available for purchase (e.g. educational, professional, competitive crossgrade, etc.). Make sure you choose the correct upgrade type for your current license of Sibelius, otherwise you may end up with an upgrade you can’t use. To check which upgrade you should buy, use the handy upgrade eligibility tool.

The new Avid superstore carries a full range of products for individual customers, but if you represent a school, college, university or other institution, you should continue to contact a reseller or us directly for pricing for site licenses and other multi-user installations.

Happy shopping!

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