Hands-on Sibelius training at the Marin Youth Center

The Marin Youth Center, yesterday

If you’re within travelling distance of San Rafael, California, you may be interested to know that my friend Bruce Munson, who was for many years the sales manager for the western part of the US, will be running a pair of Sibelius training sessions in July.

First, from 9am to 4pm on Saturday 10 July, a session for intermediate to advanced Sibelius users, which Bruce describes as follows:

A continuation of the Beginning to Intermediate Sibelius training, this workshop focuses on learning intermediate to advanced techniques in using the software. Topics covered include using Filters, Plug-ins, exploring the House Styles menu, and learning about layout and formatting. The training will consist of both directed modules and self-paced projects and is designed for music teachers, music students, composers/ arrangers, and music copyists. The workshop also includes a tour through the new features of Sibelius 6.

Then at the end of the month, on Saturday 31 July, again from 9am to 4pm, Bruce will be running a session on using Sibelius plug-ins:

Sibelius’s numerous and various plug-ins are often overlooked by users of the software. Indeed, Sibelius’s fantastic plug-ins are a world of their own within the software. They can be used to accomplish many tasks and also save time in combining multiple tasks in one action. There are plug-ins to enhance playback, edit tuplets, aid in composition, clean up real-time input and more. There is even a plug-in that will color noteheads with Boomwhacker® colors – one of many plug-ins designed for the elementary music teacher. Did you know that in addition to the plug-ins that come with Sibelius, there are many other plug-ins that can be downloaded from the Sibelius web site for free?

This six-hour hands-on training is a comprehensive tour through Sibelius’s plug-ins, using them in various projects and exercises. The workshop is designed for music teachers, music students, composers/ arrangers, and music copyists, and is a great follow-up to the Intermediate to Advanced Sibelius workshop offered on July 10.

These classes aren’t free (the enrolment fee is $200 per person) but Bruce is an excellent clinician and this is a great opportunity to get some hands-on training to help develop your skills with Sibelius.

To register online, visit the Marin Youth Center’s web site, and if you have any questions about the training, feel free to contact Bruce directly.


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Brilliant! I signed up.

  2. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    I attended Bruce’s workshop today, and wow! He is really good. I learned stuff about Sibelius I didn’t even know existed. Totally cool!

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