Graphical MIDI Tools 2024.5 for Sibelius adds hit points


Graphical MIDI Tools (GMT), the plug-in for Sibelius by Santiago Barx that allows the user to manipulate MIDI information in the score in a graphical manner, has been updated to version 2024.5. This update adds support for graphical hit points directly to the GMT interface, which can be used to complement the existing hit point feature in Sibelius.

To add a hit point in GMT 2024.5, Shift-click the GMT ruler.

The hit point can be dragged to relocate its position in the score.

Hit points can be edited or removed entirely from within the GMT interface, and the Sibelius score will update accordingly.

How GMT works

For a full review of how to install and use GMT 2, along with a more detailed description of its features, please see this post.

Please also read the news about the GMT 2.1 update and the GMT 2024.2 update., for information about more GMT features.

To learn more about this new feature, watch this short video:


Graphical MIDI Tools is $59.99 and available at our Notation Central marketplace. (A free 15-day trial is available, which stops working after one hour, requiring a Sibelius restart.) It’s also available directly from the Graphical MIDI Tools web site. Full documentation, installation guide, and corresponding videos are included.

If you already own a current license for GMT 2, you can update to GMT 2024.5 for free. Simply download the latest installation package from the Graphical MIDI Tools download page and run the installer to update.

For users who purchased GMT within the last year, your period of free updates and support is still active. You simply need to download the installer from the Graphical MIDI Tools download page.

If you acquired GMT previously, you can renew your license for $9.99 and receive a full year of additional free updates and support by visiting the Graphical MIDI Tools renewal page.

Renewal can also be done by following the steps requested in the latest GMT version. Just install it and follow the instructions provided from within GMT.

Renewals are handled directly by Graphical MIDI Tools and not through Notation Central.

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