Friday notation roundup: June 13, 2014


Here’s what’s been happening the last few weeks in the music notation software world, in case you missed anything:

Anything we missed? Feel free to enlighten us in the comments. Have a great weekend!

Updated 10:00 am with news about the Notion iPad app and Notion 4.


  1. Hagmann

    Dear AlI
    I have Sibélius 4.1
    Can you tel me what update I have to purchase if I change my XP to Windows 8

  2. Bernie Cossentino

    Sonic Score’s Overture 5 will be in beta very soon. As a contributor to its development, I’m happy to say many new features will be included (…hints are on the website’s forum). What’s coming is sure to be an eye opener for many.

  3. Randall Mauger

    When sorting and prioritizing my in box your posts are always among the first I open. Thanks for your superlative work and keeping us informed!

    Randall Mauger

    1. Philip Rothman

      Bernie: Thanks for the update on Overture.

      Randall: Thanks for the kind words!

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