Finale version 26.2.2 released


MakeMusic has released Finale version 26.2.2. This maintenance release includes several notation improvements in advance of MakeMusic’s forthcoming musical content sharing mechanism. There are other fixes, but no new features. In v26.2.2 on Mac, ReWire has been updated to comply with Mac notarization standards in compliance with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Finale v26.2.2


The fixes in Finale v.26.2.2 are generally technical in nature:


  • Exact slur positions are now exported.
  • Hidden clefs now export as hidden.
  • Hidden Smart Shapes are no longer exported.
  • Hidden time signatures at the start of a part now export as senza misura.
  • Hyperlinks for measure-attached text blocks are now exported.
  • Metronome font information is now exported.
  • Parts with no visible clefs are now imported without clefs displaying.
  • Positions of text repeats at the end of multimeasure rests export more accurately.
  • Staff Style changes in the middle of the first measure are now exported.
  • Text in the JazzText, Broadway Copyist Text, and Finale Copyist Text fonts now exports more accurately,
  • especially for codas, segnos, and metronome marks.
  • The Scale Expression with Attached Note setting found in the Expression Assignment dialog box is supported during export.

Note Entry

Note entry input times for large scores and scores using NotePerformer now match 26.1. (Windows only)

Page Layout

Finale maintains the page layout when opening a file with the Automatic Update Layout option deselected from the Preferences > Edit dialog box. (Mac only)

Availability and compatibility

The update is free for all existing Finale v26.x users from MakeMusic’s online store, or from within Finale by choosing Finale > Check for Update (Mac) or Help > Check for Update (Windows).

Finale v26.2.2 is supported on macOS 10.12 Sierra/10.13 High Sierra/10.14 Mojave/10.15 Catalina and Windows 10 (64-bit only). Be aware that, as a result of Microsoft ending support for Windows 7, Finale releases are no longer supported on Windows 7.

As mentioned up top, MakeMusic has been working on a new musical content sharing mechanism and practice app that they have been sharing on their blog. We’ll look forward to covering this more when the product is released.

For the latest information about compatibility for Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, and MuseScore, as well as links to the latest news and reviews about product releases, please see the Scoring Notes Product Guide.


  1. Bill

    Maybe it should have been numbered Finale 26.2.00002

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