Finale v.25.5 maintenance update is released


Today MakeMusic released the fifth update to version 25 of Finale (25.5). This is a free update for all registered users of Finale v.25. Users can update directly through the software or through their MakeMusic account.

A main focus of this release is compatibility with macOS High Sierra (10.13). We have updated our High Sierra post on this blog to reflect this latest release.

Further on the Mac side, users will be able to access the functionality of the Clear key by typing Fn+Shift+Delete. The Clear key doesn’t exist on laptops and is useful for resetting the positioning of an item after selecting its handle.

In addition, some updates to MusicXML operations have been improved. There are a number of other fixes, some of which are specific to the Mac and PC platforms. See the release notes for Mac and PC for a full list, and for more information, read our coverage of the 25.4, 25.3, 25.2, and 25.1 updates, and our review of Finale 25.


  1. Shiki Suen

    Did they solve the UI responsiveness issue on macOS?

  2. Janet

    I’ve run the update twice, because after the first time my computer still ran Finale 25.4 and it kept reminding me to run the update. Now, the second time, Finale 25 has completely disappeared from my PC, even though it spent about 20 minutes installing. I’m back to Finale 2012, which I much preferred anyway, but it makes no sense and it can’t open the files I’d been working on in 25.4. :(

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