Finale v.25.1 maintenance update is released


MakeMusic last week released the first update to version 25 of Finale, officially known as v.25.1. This maintenance update mostly fixes bugs, but also adds several interface improvements and modest feature enhancements.

Improvements to time and key signature dialogs on Mac. When the Mac OS starting de-emphasized scroll bars in its GUI, Finale’s often-used key and time signature dialogs became harder to use. This has been corrected in v.25.1, with a spin box added to the Key Signature and Time Signature dialog, along with graphical drop-down in the latter for the numerator.

The Key Signature dialog, pre- and post-update
The Time Signature dialog, pre- and post-update
The Time Signature dialog, pre- and post-update

Palette improvements on Mac. Palettes are now more easily resized and have titles.


Repeat ending bracket position. A setting has been added to Document > Document Options > Repeats > Repeat Endings… to allow the user to control the position of the ending bracket.


Transparent graphic export. Graphic formats that support transparency, such as PNG, can be exported by Finale.


Other improvements:

  • Users can now choose the hyphen character for their lyrics under Document > Document Options > Lyrics.
  • Users can now export the parts of their document to MusicXML by selecting File > Export > Linked Parts to MusicXML.
  • Finale’s Playback Controls, including Tempo, can now be used while in ReWire mode.
  • The Slave to ReWire Master Tempo check box has been added to the Playback Controls to allow the user to either use Finale’s tempo map or their DAW’s tempo.
  • A Sync button has been added to the Playback Controls to update score data when using a DAW to playback.
  • Finale’s graphic output is now true black.
  • Mute All and Solo All, individual and universal Mute and Solo settings can easily be toggled using M and S in Score Manager.
  • Finale supports automatic tabbed windows and automatic snapping windows in macOS Sierra.
  • On Windows, many toolbars, palates, and dialog boxes have been updated for high resolution computers, like the Surface Pro 4.

Bug fixes include most areas of the program. Among some of the notable bug fixes:

  • Tool palettes correctly resize in Mac OS X 10.12
  • Parts named with the forward slash character (/) can now be saved, extracted, printed, and exported as a PDF (a regression from 2014.5)
  • When printing to PDF, users are no longer prompted with “UNTITLED” instead of the document name
  • The mismatched Page Size dialog box does not appear when printing matched page sizes
  • Relaunching Finale after creating a Tool Set no longer crashes the program
  • Dragging with a Special Tool no longer results in the object displaying in two locations

Finale v.25.1 is a free update for all registered users of Finale v.25. Users can update through the software or through their MakeMusic account.


  1. Raymond Wells

    My name is Raymond:
    quite frankly, until I’d seen this, I’d thought I’d seen it all.
    I’ve been using Finale for at least 50 years or so, and I’m amazed at what you’ve done.
    All I can say is, keep up the good work.

    But I do have a question for you.
    can the music I compose have covers on it?

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