Finale 2014 compatible version of TG Tools released


tools_LExcellent news for readers with Finale 2014 in their toolbox: Tobias Giesen, composer and developer of the venerable TGTools plug-in suite for Finale, today released version 2.71 of the suite for both Mac OS X and Windows. The changes in Finale 2014 made TGTools unusable in the new version on Mac, but v.2.71 restores the suite’s usability in Finale 2014, and is compatible with all Finale versions going back to 2010.

V.2.71 of TG Tools may be downloaded from both the English and German versions of the TGTools web site. If you have already bought and registered TGTools on your computer, the update is free, and (at least on my computer running Mavericks) I did not need to re-enter my registration key.

No new features have been added to TGTools for quite some time, but v.2.71 “fixes the menu on German Finale versions and fixes smart shapes which could not be recognized in 2.70,” according to a post by Tobias today on the MakeMusic Finale forum.

Elsewhere in the forum discussion, Tobias said that “a paid upgrade may come a bit later with a more dedicated adaptation,” and that he is “open to suggestions for further improvements, and also whether further development should be for Finale 2014 only or also include Finale 2012.”

TGTools' Text Expression Sorter, running in Finale 2014 on Mac OS 10.9.1
TGTools’ Text Expression Sorter, running in Finale 2014 on Mac OS 10.9.1

The mantle of active Finale plug-in development has largely been assumed by the impressive Jari Williamsson, who recently gave us a taste of things to come with his forthcoming JW Change v.1.00. Still, certain actions are still only possible with TGTools (like the Text Expression Sorter above), so the news of this update, and the possibility of future development, is eagerly welcomed.

The Professional edition of TGTools is $100 or €90 and may be tested without limitation for a one-month trial period. Limited versions are available at a lower price for non-professional users. A small subset of the TGTools plug-in suite has shipped with all recent Finale versions.

Updated at 4:00 pm to state that the Windows version of TGTools v.2.71 is now available, in addition to the Mac OS X version.


  1. Alvin

    Sorry but what has this to do with Sibelius?

    1. Philip Rothman


      Many of the blog’s readers use Finale and other music products as well. The blog continues to focus primarily on Sibelius, but occasionally other music products are featured, like this review of NotateMe, and sometimes news about the music industry is covered, like this obituary about Leland Smith, the creator of SCORE.

      Rest assured I won’t be covering sports, politics, or crocheting anytime soon! Thanks for reading.

  2. Ralph L. Bowers Jr.

    Thank you Philip.
    A well informed user of both Sibelius and Finale, and other programs as their usefulness and abilities increase is desirable to know of and about.

    Quite frankly I am tired of myopic fanbois of Sibelius vs. Finale.
    They are both excellent programs along with their respective plugin gurus’ toil who make them so much more useful.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Ralph!

  3. Marcel Baars

    Thanks Philip and Ralph,
    keep it up the good work and let’s forget the stupid quarrel.

  4. john webber

    Just upgraded to 2014 but cannot get TGTools working. The first time they all appeared for about a second to be replaced by “Repeat TGTools Command”. Since then there’s nothing but “Repeat TGTools Command”.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    j webber
    imac and lapbook pro on system 10.8

    1. Philip Rothman

      John: Did you try the Repeat TGTools Command, which is Command-option-R?

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