Export MusicXML from Sibelius 6 with Dolet 5


Recordare LLC have today announced the release of Dolet 5 for Sibelius, the latest version of their plug-in for MusicXML export.

Dolet 5 works with Sibelius 5.1 or later, but is especially useful for Sibelius 6 users, as the improvements in Sibelius’s built-in ManuScript language have allowed the folks at Recordare to improve the quality of export produced by Sibelius in a number of areas, including transpositions, jazz articulations, clefs, comments, layout and formatting, coloured objects, and more.

If you routinely exchange files with users of other music notation software, you may well find that the Dolet plug-in pays for itself in terms of time saved within the first few uses.

Upgrades from a previous version of Dolet are $129.95, and a new license costs $199.95. Buy from Recordare’s store.

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