Engela Fullard offers online Sibelius training


i-tollEngela Fullard of Note-So-Easy has announced a new venture that she is starting: online Sibelius training sessions. As she told me:

I receive quite a number of inquiries from music teachers and hobbyists that want to learn or sharpen their Sibelius skills. Although workshops and individual training do work well, it’s not always practical. So I’ve decided to go this route, calling it “i-toll” (Interactive Training On-Line Live). Communicating and sharing of screen(s) will be via Teamviewer. One of the aims is to address specific problems/issues that Sibelius users might have.

For now Engela will be doing one-on-one sessions, though she hopes to do presentations in the future. Engela’s in-person workshops in South Africa have been very popular. If you have wished you could have attended one of her workshops in the past but have been unable to do so, this could be a good opportunity to get personal instruction from her.

Contact Engela to set up a one-on-one session and arrange payment details, and keep up-to-date on Note-So-Easy’s Facebook page.

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