DV Magazine on Sibelius 7: “Nothing else comes close”

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Rob Sandall of DV Magazine, the magazine published by the UK’s largest music retailer, Digital Village, has reviewed Sibelius 7, and he loves it:

When it first booted up I thought I’d accidentally clicked on a Microsoft Office application. If that sounds harsh, it wasn’t meant to be, as with their thinking caps on the developers at Avid have understood that a bold, illustrated user interface beats clicking through endless menus… Pausing to hover over a specific button it if you’re not sure what it does flashes up a handy little tool tip. That alone turns Sibelius into a much more first-time-friendly package, and I reckon that without even the looking at any sort of literature you could get pretty far in to this software without much in the way of a problem just by seeing what everything does in turn and clicking experimentally.

About the Sibelius 7 Sounds library, he says:

I was really happy with the sounds offered here – there was even enough detail and nuance from the strings, which is always important when you’re not trying to sound too obviously processed. I’d certainly use some of these instruments in day-to-day production duties as well…

About the redesigned Mixer, he says:

Sibelius’s redesigned mixer is a very clear indication that Avid is serious about the professional nature of its software, but also acknowledges the ever blurry lines that fall between producers and arrangers.

He concludes:

With this update, Sibelius continues to be a peerless notation software – nothing else comes close.

Check out the complete review at the DV Magazine site.


  1. Peter Ritzen

    I am using Sibelius since 2007. First I had the Sib4. In 2010 I upgraded to 6; a fantastic jump forwards, according to my experiences. I have put (from hand written scores) a 90 minutes symphony, with chorus, soloists, organ,extensive percussion and grand orchestra. It was quiet an odyssee to accomplish. However, ever since, I can call myself a kind of ‘expert’ in Sibelius.. Of course I noticed the new outcome of Sibelius7. I have looked extensively the new features and decided to buy an upgrade. I will install it upon my return to Europe (I reside temporarily in China). It is a great thing to have Sibelius, and my friend who finally persuaded me years ago to go-on with writing my scores in and with this software may claim the greatest contribution to my enthousiasm. I am looking forwards for my Sibelius7 upgrade!
    Peter Ritzen [active concert pianist and composer]

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