Dorico for iPad 1.1 removes player limit for subscribers


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On the Scoring Notes podcast, Daniel Spreadbury takes us behind the scenes into the making of Dorico for iPad, and talks about the Dorico 1.1 update. Listen now:

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
The history and future of Dorico for iPad


Less than two weeks after the launch of Dorico for iPad, version 1.1 is now available for download in the App Store. According to a blog post yesterday by Steinberg’s product marketing manager Daniel Spreadbury, one of the most frequent criticisms of the initial release was the 12-player limitation. As Daniel announced on the most recent episode of the Scoring Notes podcast, that limit has now been completely removed for all subscribers.

Subscribers will find new templates in the Create menu of the Hub, including such large ensembles as film orchestra, concert band, and big band. There is no theoretical limit to the number of players a score can include. Although device memory constraints may limit project size eventually, I have opened several rather large projects (over thirty players, over a dozen flows, additional custom layouts) and have not run into any problems so far.

Large ensemble templates in Dorico for iPad
The Create tab of the Hub now shows many templates with dozens of players.

In addition to the splashy project size change, there are many smaller but notable tweaks and bug fixes, totaling nearly 50 in all. A full list is provided in the blog post on the Dorico web site.

My personal favorite addresses an issue I mentioned in my initial review: the popover menu along the left panel of Write mode now includes of Shift-I Intervals popover.

Intervals popover in the on-screen menu
The Shift-I popover is shown by the crossed eighth-note-and-wrench icon (or quaver-and-spanner if you prefer). The command shown in the popover here will transpose the selection down a major second.

Daniel said that the Dorico team hopes that this update justifies the subscription pricing model, and that it “demonstrates our commitment to deliver additional value on an on-going basis, and there is more to come.”


  1. Nor Eddine Bahha

    Hi Phillip,

    Awesome! by the way, any idea how to add 3rd party music fonts for Dorico on iPad? Thanks.


    1. David MacDonald

      Unforunately, it isn’t possible to use third party music fonts (or text fonts) on Dorico for iPad. This has to do with some security and privacy features of iPadOS. It’s possible to use third party fonts, but it’s difficult to include them inside of an app built on the kinds of cross-platform frameworks that Dorico uses.

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