Dorico and Sibelius signal major announcements to come later this week


File this in the (official) rumors department: We appear to be in for a major week in the world of music notation software. Both Dorico and Sibelius plan on making major announcements within a day of each other.


Just moments ago, Steinberg issued an announcement:

From today’s Dorico email blast

No further information is given, but they plan on producing a live-stream session on their YouTube channel on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 9 am EDT (US), and have sent out this “save the date” tweet:


For the past few days, Avid has been teasing very brief videos via their social media channels, and counting down, apparently to Thursday, July 29, 2021, when something will be arriving in Sibelius-land.

So far, the videos have shown fleeting glimpses of a Sibelius Keypad (in light and dark mode?), a Lines gallery, and Manuscript Papers.

Over at the Sibelius forum, Avid’s Sam Butler said on July 22, “We’ve been working on something new and ambitious, details of which will start to become apparent soon. I can though let you know it’ll be arriving in a week’s time (fingers crossed!), so not long to go now.”

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  1. Vincent Ollier

    Je me lance dans les hypothèses : Sibelius pour Ipad et notation guitare pour Dorico….

  2. Terence Jones

    Personally I’ll be happy if they add more options for exporting audio in Dorico, at the moment it’s a bit limited at (I think) only 48/16 for wav files.

    I’m quite sure they’ll have a lot of way more interesting stuff to show than that though. ;)

  3. LMo

    Please let it be a major overhaul of Sibelius’ playback system, plus intuitive & easy articulation switching like Dorico. There’s currently nothing more torturous on the planet than creating a Sibelius soundset + a playback configuration + a correlating mixer setup to get great playback in Sibelius using sample libraries.

  4. Maximus

    I hope Avid will finally do something about developing the Midi aspect of Sibelius. I don’t think it can just be a notation software anymore and be competitive. These days, clients demand a professional mock up and having not to go to your DAW and waste huge amounts of time would be truly ground breaking.

  5. John Kula

    Having Sibelius 7.1 with Windows 10, the ‘full score’ page turned black with vertical purple streaks on the screen. The parts pages are fine. What is happening?
    Do I need Sibelius Ultimate upgrade to fix the corrupted files?
    John Kula

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