Dorico 4.3.11 update is available [updated]


Steinberg has released Dorico 4.3.11, a relatively minor update coming just three weeks after the significant 4.3 update. Today’s update focuses mostly on bug fixes and a few small improvements to the Key Editor, which has progressed massively in functionality throughout the Dorico 4 release cycle.

The corresponding application Dorico for iPad is also updated; the version number there is 2.5.11.

The version history documentation for this release thoroughly documents the improvements as well as the bug fixes.

Updated on December 7, 2022, per Steinberg: “A nasty bug concerning the appearance of pedal lines on multiple systems snuck into yesterday’s Dorico 4.3.10 release. We have today released a hotfix, Dorico 4.3.11, that addresses this issue. If you have already updated to Dorico 4.3.10, please install Dorico 4.3.11. Dorico for iPad has also been updated to version 2.5.11, including this fix.”


Here’s what’s new in Dorico 4.3.11, as provided by Steinberg (images from Scoring Notes):

Engrave mode

Zoom improvements. The following improvements have been made to zooming in the Key Editor:

  • The zoom direction for the G/H and Ctrl+Shift+G/H shortcuts has been reversed, to match Cubase.
  • When zooming horizontally with G/H, Dorico now attempts to keep the selected notes in the piano roll in view.

Score following during playback. When playing back with the Key Editor open, the view now flips to the new position once the playhead gets to the edge of the view, rather than scrolling continuously.

Drag and drop MIDI percussion. When dragging and dropping MIDI data onto the Key Editor or the track overview in Play mode, Dorico now always assumes that it should interpret any unpitched percussion data using the percussion map, regardless of the state of the options on the Note Input and Editing page of Preferences.

Project files

Music fonts in new projects. When starting a new project from a factory template a using a music font other than Bravura, Dorico now applies the appropriate engraving defaults for that music font; when starting a new project from a user project template using a music font other than Bravura, Dorico applies any necessary changes to things like stem attachments for noteheads, but does not apply the engraving defaults for the chosen font.

User interface

Cycle lower zone panels. A new command Cycle Lower Zone Panel has been added to the Window category in Key Commands and can be used to cycle through the available lower zone panels if you assign a custom key command.

Bug fixes

“Nearly three dozen bug fixes are also included in this minor update, including fixes to the user interface in Dorico Elements so that the Generate Chord Symbols From Notes feature works as expected once more, a long-standing issue with the jump bar where it would fail to execute a pre-populated command, some issues with copying and pasting data in the Key Editor, and so on,” according to today’s official blog post by Steinberg product marketing manager Daniel Spreadbury.


Dorico 4.3.11 for Windows and Mac desktop is a free update for current registered users of Dorico Pro 4, Dorico Elements 4 and Dorico SE 4 users, and is available now via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

For full coverage of Dorico 4, please read our comprehensive review of 4.0, as well as our review of the Dorico 4.1, Dorico 4.2, and Dorico 4.3 releases. For even further reading, the 4.1.10, 4.0.10, 4.0.20 , and 4.0.30 updates, each of which contains important information, along with our coverage of Dorico for iPad.

Dorico for iPad 2.5.11 is available in the App Store. If your device hasn’t already automatically downloaded and installed the update, you can find it in the Updates section of the App Store app on your iPad.

For the latest information about compatibility for Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, and MuseScore, as well as links to the latest news and reviews about product releases, please see the Scoring Notes Product Guide.


  1. Ben

    The latest version is now 4.3.11, as a nasty bug was discovered in .10 relating to piano pedalling marks. This was acknowledged and fixed within 24 hours!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks for this. We’ve updated this post accordingly.

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