Dorico 4.1.10 update is available


Steinberg has released Dorico 4.1.10, a relatively minor update coming just three weeks after the substantial 4.1 update. Today’s update focuses mostly on bug fixes, although there are a few new feature improvements.

Along with fixing a bug that caused a crash on start-up that affected some users, the improvements in Dorico 4.1.10 are sprinkled around the various areas of the program. Inserting pages in Dorico is now more reliable; the Library Manager respects the user’s preferred measurement unit; it’s possible to remove MIDI CC data in Play mode; an important warning can now be issued for printing transposed scores as sounding pitch scores (or vice versa); single-flow project headers are now handled more sensibly; a numbered bar region is added; and there are a couple of UI tweaks.

The version history documentation for this release thoroughly documents the improvements as well as the bug fixes.


Here’s what’s new in Dorico 4.1.10, as provided by Steinberg (images from Scoring Notes):

Engrave mode

Staff spacing adjustments. When inserting pages into an existing layout, staff spacing adjustments on subsequent pages that are shifted as a result of the insertion are now retained where possible.

Page overrides. Two new commands have been added to the Engrave menu: Remove All Page Overrides allows you to remove page overrides from all pages in the layout, while Remove Page Override(s) removes page overrides from the page or pages on which you have items selected (Dorico Elements only).

Flow headings. A new command Engrave > Edit Flow Heading has been added, allowing you to edit the tokens that are used in the default flow heading that appears between flows (Dorico Elements only).

Library Manager

Preferred unit of measurement. The Library Manager now respects the user’s choice of preferred measurement unit when displaying measurements.

Play mode

Removing MIDI continuous controller data. A new Play > Automation submenu has been added, with two new commands: Delete All Automation will remove all MIDI CC data from all instruments in all flows throughout your project; Delete All Automation For Instruments In Selection will remove all MIDI CC data across all flows from all instruments for which at least one item is selected.

Print mode

Suspect transpositions for score layouts. A new option Warn when printing full or custom score layouts with suspect transposition has been added to the General page of Preferences. If you habitually want your full score layouts to be printed in, say, transposed pitch, you can activate this option and then set Suspect transposition for score layouts to Concert Pitch:

Thereafter, when you try to print a full score layout and it is currently set to concert pitch, Dorico will warn you so that you can choose whether to proceed as-is, or to fix the transposition:

Project files

Single-flow projects. When starting a new project via the Create New page of the Hub, if you deactivate Project uses multiple flows, Dorico will modify the default page template such that the running header shows the project title rather than the title of the first flow.

Write mode

Numbered bar regions. A new Numbered Bars section has been added to the Repeat Structures panel, with a new button to allow you to create a numbered bar region.

User interface

Update notifications. If Dorico detects that a new free update is available, a banner appears in the Hub window to let you know the version number of the new update, and recommending that you either run Steinberg Download Assistant or visit the Steinberg web site to download and install the new version.

Progress dialogs. The colors used in progress bars have been revised, to try to ensure that the progress percentage can always be read, regardless of the current operating system theme.

What’s next

In his blog post today announcing the update, Steinberg product marketing manager Daniel Spreadbury said, “We’re currently hard at work on both the next Dorico 4 update, which will reintroduce the percussion editor in the Key Editor, and the next Dorico for iPad update, which aims to address issues that some users are experiencing with opening and saving projects in iCloud Drive. These releases are coming soon. Beyond those releases, we are continuing to work on improving the user experience of the Key Editor, and you can expect another big update with further refinement and functionality in this area on the other side of the summer.”

As ever, it’s worth reading to the end: “Also, keep your eyes peeled for news of an opportunity to pick up a Dorico 4 update or an upgrade from Dorico SE to Dorico Elements or from Dorico Elements to Dorico Pro at a special price coming soon.” Summer is now upon us, so we’ll be bold and predict a summer sale for Dorico at some point while the beaches are open.


Dorico 4.1.10 for Windows and Mac desktop is a free update for current registered users of Dorico Pro 4, Dorico Elements 4 and Dorico SE 4 users, and is available now via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If you are currently running Dorico Pro 3.5 or Dorico Elements 3.5 or earlier, you can buy an update to Dorico Pro 4 or Dorico Elements 4 from the Steinberg online shop.

For full coverage of Dorico 4, please read our comprehensive review of 4.0, as well as our review of the Dorico 4.1 release. For even further reading, the 4.0.10, 4.0.20 , and 4.0.30 updates, each of which contains important information, along with our coverage of Dorico for iPad, which has recently made a “lifetime unlock” option available.

For the latest information about compatibility for Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, and MuseScore, as well as links to the latest news and reviews about product releases, please see the Scoring Notes Product Guide.


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