1. Tommy

    I’m having problems for enter to download. After entering my password the site remind me to login window.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Tommy, please report back if you get this sorted.

      1. Tommy

        After trying several times now I’m downloading. ;)

  2. Falk

    Hi, i wonder, why we read a lot of dorico. But, i´m (still) a Sibelius user. I want read something about Sibelius.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Falk, thanks for your question. The reason is, quite simply, there has been a lot of Dorico news to cover recently, and no new Sibelius updates since June.

      Since I started running the blog four years ago, I expanded its scope to cover other music notation software products and related technology. That said, there is still a ton of Sibelius info here, and I expect to be posted more about Sibelius very soon, so stay tuned.

      1. Falk

        Yes indeed, i will stay tuned! Thank you a lot!

        1. Philip Rothman

          Thanks for reading!

      2. Steve Steele

        I appreciate that you’re doing that. While I have used Sibelius off and on, I’m primarily a Finale/Notion user at this time. But I like hearing news about all the platforms.


        1. Philip Rothman

          Thanks, Steve!

  3. Donsta

    I know that Dorico doesn’t directly support Chord symbols but does anyone know if you could enter them via text as a work around?

    1. Abraham Lee

      You bet you can, and it’s a little easier if you use a font from Sib/Fin/whatever that is designed for this. One downside, though, is that the text is “dumb” when it comes to transposing, if that kind of thing is needed. That said, this at least makes it possible for the time being.

      1. Donald Stapleson

        Thanks for the info Abraham, I wasn’t thinking about how the text won’t transpose.
        Looks like I need to wait till the next major update.

  4. Fred Gray

    I started the process for the Dorico 30 day trial. Got the email and clicked. Got a download started for the Steinberg Download Assistant, which just sits there in the download folder waiting to download, 0%,

  5. Luis

    I downloaded Dorico for the 30-day trial. Install was kind of weird because it seemed stuck for the longest. Then I put the computer to sleep. Low and behold it was downloaded when I opened up my laptop next day. Long story short, I installed and opened an xml file and the import went flawlessly. Until I tried to listen to it, that is. No sound. Did everything I was supposed to and still no sound. Well, that just told me it wasn’t meant to be. I’m happy with Sibelius. That Dorico is still working on its program to, ahem, “get it right the first time” shows lots of stuff looks good in black and white but not in practice. Sibelius works just fine for me. Dorico is pretty, but it didn’t set up right the first time. It was, however, exciting to be in the expectation mode. Of course, that makes the let-down so much harder. :-)

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