Dolet 6.4 MusicXML software updated for Sibelius 7.5


MSX_RGB_H_SM 2MakeMusic yesterday announced the release of Dolet 6.4, the latest version of its plug-in that exports music into the MusicXML interchange format. The 6.4 release adds the ability to export Sibelius’s gap before bar feature, which was made newly available to ManuScript in Sibelius 7.5.

On a post on the MusicXML blog, MakeMusic’s Michael Good said:

Earlier versions of the plug-in worked with Sibelius 7.5, but the installers did not support this release. This was particularly a problem for people using Windows systems that only had Sibelius 7.5 installed.

Our Dolet plug-in is as complete a MusicXML export plug-in as the Sibelius plugin interface allows.

The Dolet 6 for Sibelius plug-in provides the only way to export MusicXML files from Sibelius 5 and Sibelius 6. Many people have also told us they prefer the Dolet plug-in’s export to the built-in MusicXML export provided in Sibelius 7 or 7.5. This probably depends on the type of music you are exporting and the application that you are exporting to. If you are exporting MusicXML files from Sibelius 7, try our free Dolet plug-in as well as Sibelius’s built-in export, and see which works best for you.

Last year I asked Michael more about the Dolet plug-in and MusicXML, and he talked about why users might wish try both the inbuilt and plug-in options for exporting MusicXML form Sibelius.

There is also a version of Dolet available for use within Finale. Visit the download page to get Dolet 6.4, which is free to anyone with a registered MakeMusic account.

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