Designorati: “Sibelius 6 is close to perfect”

Perfection (Courtesy unitopia on Flickr)
Perfection (Courtesy unitopia on Flickr)

Designorati is an online publication for creative professionals in the fields of visual design (web design, typography, graphic design, illustration, and so on), written by a team of creative professionals who themselves have many years of experience. It’s somewhat unusual for the site to carry a review of music software, but I am delighted that founding editor Jeremy Schultz has reviewed Sibelius 6. He says:

I heard that Sibelius—now the industry standard—was owned by video powerhouse Avid and had just been updated to version 6. I use music in my multimedia work and so I was curious to see what Sibelius 6 can do for composers, and I came away with an unbelievable experience.

Jeremy was an Encore and Finale user in the late 1990s, but has been away from music notation software since that time. He concludes:

It is amazing how far music notation software has come since I used Encore and Finale in 1997. Encore is now owned by gvox and… Finale is still regularly updated and is probably Sibelius’ strongest competitor. However, I can only speak about my experience with Sibelius 6, which is exceptional. There are a few things I would suggest improving, mostly with little things like the audio exporting functions, but it is a phenomenal product for composers and also for music educators.

Read the whole review here.

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