Commercial Music Lab sets Sibelius courses for 2013-2014

Jenny Amaya with students at the Commercial Music Lab in southern California
Jenny Amaya with students at the Commercial Music Lab in southern California

Registration is open for Sibelius training courses taking place in 2013 and 2014 at the Commercial Music Lab in southern California. There are several levels of courses that take place throughout the first part of 2013 depending on the students’ experience with Sibelius.

The first of the Sibelius courses is the “Sibelius 101” one-day class tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Course curriculum includes:

  • Getting started without using the mouse for every operation
  • Explore the interface, main score window, ribbon, tabs, buttons and tools
  • Basics of Sibelius playback
  • Making selections
  • Zooming
  • Creating a new score
  • Adding time signatures, key signatures, and new instruments to the score
  • Adding and deleting bars
  • Entering notes, with emphasis on shortcut key note entry
  • Basic editing techniques for moving, changing, and deleting notes
  • Basic lines, markings, symbols, and text
  • Copy, paste, and repeat
  • Entering simple tuplets

Course tuition for Sibelius 101 is $300 USD.

“Sibelius 110” quickly follows as a two-day course on Sunday, September 15 and Monday, September 16, 2013, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Course curriculum includes:

  • Additional/new ways to enter notes and objects, including working with the interactive Keyboard and Fretboard panels
  • Working with guitar tablature
  • Using Sibelius’s real -time/flexi-time note entry mode
  • Re-inputting pitches with existing rhythms.
  • Transposition of notes and key signatures
  • Multiple voices
  • Using repeat bar symbols, arpeggios, tremolos, grace notes, and custom beaming.
  • Entering slurs and other lines, as well as tuplets.
  • Important text styles such as lyrics, chord symbols, and the “repeat” text style.
  • Intermediate-level scores and advanced lead sheets
  • Ideas Window, the Worksheet Creator, and Title Pages
  • Editing and defining Sibelius’s Instruments
  • Drum notation, filters, and advanced work with multiple voices.
  • Basic formatting in preparation for printing and exporting, including exporting your scores in Scorch format to share on the web

Course tuition for Sibelius 110 is $600 USD.

These courses will offer participants the opportunity to take the Avid Sibelius User Certification exam. I could not find any details specifically about the Sibelius Certification program online on the designated training page, and as of today a query to Avid asking for more details has remained unanswered. I will post further information about this program if it becomes available.

If you can’t free up your calendar this weekend, don’t despair, as Jenny is repeating the courses several more times in the upcoming months, so check the full schedule to find dates that may suit your busy lifestyle. Other courses are offered as well, including Pro Tools, digital audio, and mixing. Enroll on the lab’s web site.

Course instructor Jenny Amaya’s background includes degrees in music composition and commercial music. She has been a product specialist for Sibelius, is Pro Tools certified and is an Avid Certified Instructor.

If you take one or more of these courses, please let us know how it goes!


  1. vicky

    I have been surfing through internet in search of a good online course for Sibelius 7 but didn’t find a good instructor but i think i have found one now. But i have a doubt, will you provide videos of the instructor or there will be live video of instructor?
    I came across another course too, if you guys don’t give videos, please suggest me another course. I am posting a link here, so please let me know that should i or i shouldn’t take the following course :

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