Come and see Sibelius at the MMEA Midwinter Clinic this Friday

The Minneapolis Convention Center, yesterday (courtesy meetminneapolis on Flickr)

The Minnesota Music Educators Association holds its Mid-Winter In-Service Clinic at the Minneapolis Convention Center in beautiful Minneapolis, MN from February 16 to February 18.

A. Eric Heukeshoven (who has featured on this blog before) is running a session about Sibelius 7 and Avid Scorch for iPad (which you can download and use today – no need to wait until some indeterminate point in the future!) on Friday, and if you’re planning to attend the clinic, I heartily recommend you attend. Here are the session details:

Title:  Sibelius 7 + Avid Scorch for iPad – Creating new opportunities in the music classroom
Date:  2/17/2012
Time: 3:45 PM
Location: Lower Level, Room L100 A – Minneapolis Convention Center
Clinician: A. Eric Heukeshoven, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Description: The combination of Sibelius 7 and Avid Scorch for the iPad brings a wealth of new possibilities for music educators.  A. Eric Heukeshoven will present an overview of several new and exciting features of Sibelius 7 including the completely redesigned task-oriented user interface, new sound library, text and typography enhancements. The session will also include a demonstration of how files created in Sibelius 7 can instantly be put to use in music classrooms in a variety of new and exciting ways via Avid Scorch for iPad.

If you get the chance to attend, please leave a comment to let me know how you enjoyed the session.

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