Cengage’s Mastering Sibelius 6 book now available


Cengage have just published a new book about Sibelius, called Mastering Sibelius 6. Based on Marc Schonbrun’s book Mastering Sibelius 5, Gabriel Cobas has revised and expanded upon the original author’s work to bring the book fully up-to-date with all of the new features and changes introduced in the latest version of the world’s best-selling music notation software.

Like Marc – a Sibelius instructor and music educator (as well as a very fine guitarist) – before him, Gabriel is very well-qualified to write this book. He used to work for Avid as a Western Region Sales Manager until leaving last year to take on other projects, among them working on this book, and he is also an expert music educator and a brilliant percussionist.

The book is split up into 18 chapters, and takes you through the complete process of creating a score for any kind of ensemble.

You can buy the book from all good booksellers, including Amazon in the US and in the UK, and you can also buy it in digital form from Safari Books Online, who have made the whole of chapter 3 available as a preview on their site.

With its discursive, informal style and project-based approach, Mastering Sibelius 6 complements the Sibelius 6 Reference book. If you’re looking for help in learning Sibelius, this is a great place to start.


  1. Jeremy Hughes

    Shame the cover is so musically illiterate…

  2. Andrei

    Not to rain on the parade, but with Sibelius 7 presumably (hopefully!) coming out around June 2011… Plus, I like Daniel’s style in the official reference manual!

  3. Jeremy Hughes

    Actually, I like what I’ve seen of Mastering Sibelius 5, and expect this new book to be similar. It takes a different approach from the manual, and so it will suit some people better as a learning resource.


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