Black Friday 2017 deals for music notation software and related tech


Planning on traveling, eating, napping, and shopping this holiday weekend? We can’t help with the first three, but if you’re looking for a few deals, we’ve sorted through some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in our corner of the world of music notation software and related technology. This list is hardly exhaustive, and if anything else comes to our attention after publishing this post, it will be updated.

A note: Amidst the gluttony and commercialism that can often define this time, it’s also a season of giving thanks. Thank you, readers, for making this blog a joy to produce and for the community that you help sustain. I’m also so thankful for our contributors, who have played a more prominent role this year than ever before, adding lots of valuable information and content.

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Finale and Garritan libraries from MakeMusic

MakeMusic has several Finale offers that save anywhere from $70 to $450:

  • Upgrade to version 25 from any previous version: $79 (reg. $149)
  • Trade up from Finale PrintMusic or SongWriter: $99 (reg. $200-450)
  • Finale new license: $149 (reg. $600 or $350 for academic/theological)

Those prices are unlikely to be beat at any other time, so if you have an earlier version and have been holding off on upgrading, or if you don’t own any notation software and wanted to buy Finale, now’s the time. The $149 Black Friday price is the same as the regular crossgrade price.

For more information, read our coverage of the 25.5, 25.4, 25.3, 25.2, and 25.1 updates, and our review of Finale 25.

MakeMusic is also offering 40% off of some of its Garritan sound libraries:

  • Instant Orchestra: $107 (reg. $179.95)
  • Personal Orchestra 5, World, Jazz, and Big Band 3, OR Concert and Marching Band 2: $89 (reg. $149.95)
  • Harps or Classic Pipe Organs: $59 (reg. $99.95)

SmartMusic student subscriptions are being offered at $20 (reg. $40).

For all of the MakeMusic deals, including the Finale, Garritan, and SmartMusic deals, the promo code BLACKFRIDAY17 must be used and the offers expire 11:59 pm PST November 27, 2017.

Sibelius and other Avid products

Avid is running several promotions for Sibelius through November 27:

  • 20% off a new one-year subscription to Sibelius: $191/yr (reg. $239)
  • 20% off a new one-year subscription to Sibelius First: $48/yr (reg. $60)
  • 50% off for Sibelius First customers when they either upgrade to Sibelius First 8 ($39; reg. $79) or trade-up to the full version of Sibelius ($199; reg. $399)

For the Sibelius or Sibelius First subscriptions, the promo code AVIDGIFT is required.

No promo code is needed for the Sibelius First upgrade or trade-up.

The 20% off one-year subscription deal is also working for Media Composer and Pro Tools. A number of promotions are running on Avid’s other products, as well.

We’ve covered every Sibelius 8 release and maintenance update. Read for coverage:

Sibelius 8.7 and 8.7.2
Sibelius 8.6
and 8.6.1
Sibelius 8.5 and 8.5.1
Sibelius 8.4 and 8.4.2
Sibelius 8.3
Sibelius 8.2
Sibelius 8.1 and 8.1.1
Sibelius 8.0 and 8.0.1


We confirmed with Steinberg that no promotions are planned for Dorico on Black Friday / Cyber Monday, but Steinberg recently announced that the Dorico crossgrade offer, which had seen each of its expiration dates extended every time, is now extended “until further notice”.

As of October 1, the only products that qualify for the discounted pricing are the professional versions of Sibelius (perpetual licensees as well as subscribers for 12 months or more) and Finale. Notion is no longer a qualifying product.

Educational users with valid proof of eligibility are entitled to further discounts.

Crossgrade pricing may vary in your region of the world. In the US, the Dorico crossgrade price is $280, and $160 for educational users. Those prices are nearly exactly half of what they cost without the crossgrade ($560 and $330, respectively).

Steinberg does have a holiday sale on its Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection; see below in the “Sample Libraries” section of this post for more details.

Full Dorico coverage since last year’s release:

Dorico 1.0
Dorico 1.0.10
Dorico 1.0.20
Dorico 1.0.30
Dorico 1.1
Dorico 1.1.10

Notion and Studio One

Presonus is selling Notion 6 at a 50% discount through November 27.

The offer includes upgrades but excludes crossgrades and educational licensing; thus, the effective prices are:

  • Notion 6: $150 (reg. $300)
  • Notion 6 upgrade from Notion 3, 4, or 5: $50 (reg. $100)
  • Notion 6 upgrade from Progression 2 or 3: $100 (reg. $200)

The Studio One 3 DAW is also being offered at the same 50% discounted rate through Nov. 27.

Read our coverage of Notion 6 and 6.2.

Sample libraries

Absolute 3

Steinberg is making its Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection available at a 40% discount through November 27. The offer includes the full version of the Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection, updates from Absolute 1 and 2, crossgrades from HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and Groove Agent 4. Promo code ABSOLUTE2017 is required.


The Xsample libraries are 25% or 30% off with the coupon code WINTER2017. It in unclear when the code expires.

Spitfire Audio

Spitfire is offering 25% off individual products and up to 66% off of their curated collections during their Black Weekend, from 00:01am GMT on November 23 to 11:59pm GMT on November 28.

Cinematic Studio Series

Cinematic Studio Series is discounting by 20% their Studio Strings and Studio Piano from November 24 through November 28.

Best Service

Best Service is offering 30% off almost all of their products through December 4. They say that “this will be your best chance to snag Best Service products at such affordable rates for some time! Meaning there will be no more Best Service deals anytime soon.”

EastWest / Sounds Online

EastWest / Sounds Online has announced up to 60% off in their November Super Sale through the end of November, excluding Hollywood Choirs, Composer Cloud, and any other sales item.

Other deals

Music Type Foundry

Available on Monday, November 27 only, Music Type Foundry is making a number of coupon codes available for some fast and lucky customers, in limited quantities, for its third party music fonts:

CYBERLUCK: Any one font free (1 available)
CYBER90: 90% off any one font (1 available)
CYBER80: 80% off any one font (1 available)
CYBER70: 70% off any one font (2 available)
CYBER60: 60% off any one font (2 available)
CYBER50: 50% off entire purchase (2 available)
CYBER40: 40% off entire purchase (3 available)
CYBER30: 30% off entire purchase (3 available)
CYBER20: 20% off entire purchase (3 available)
CYBER10: 40% off entire purchase (3 available)

You may use one code per transaction, and only once each. Right now, most of MTF’s fonts are only available for Finale and Lilypond, but designer Abraham Lee said, “Anyone who purchases a license for a particular font will get any and all updates for free for that font, which includes the upcoming versions for Sibelius and Dorico.”

In addition, a new 19th century text font called “Roman Ionic” is available for purchase at MTF at an introductory price of $15. It’s described as “a unique revival of a typeface that was once popular and used in many late 19th century and early 20th century music publishing houses, such as Durand et fils. It displays a happy marriage between the beautiful features of the Clarendon type and the legibility of the Scotch roman class and is thus aimed to work for titling and body text.”

The Roman Ionic text font in use


Henle has announced up to 20% off when you purchase 500 or 1,000 credits in the Henle Library app from November 24 through November 27.

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