Best interview of the year


If you love music and music notation software (whether it be Sibelius or otherwise), it doesn’t get much better than this 75-minute interview from SoundNotion with Daniel Spreadbury, posted over the holiday weekend here in the U.S.


No, it’s not Mike Wallace interviewing rogue world leaders — it’s five guys talking about the history, present state, and future prospects for music notation software, and I imagine anyone reading this blog will find it great fun.

In it, Daniel and the SoundNotion team talk about everything from their favorite passages in the Sibelius manual (p. 401 in the current edition) to the potential of parallel computing in processing large scores. Settled for the time being is the correct pronunciation of “SMuFL“, the proposed new standard for how musical symbols should be laid out in a font — particularly timely given the re-kindled debate on another internet acronym.

Regular readers of this blog will know Daniel as its originator and for many years Sibelius’s most visible liaison to its user community. Of course, since November of last year he has been the product marketing manager for Steinberg‘s new scoring application, currently in development. We don’t learn what the name of the program is in the interview, and Daniel notes “it would be useful if we had a name [for our new program] … one thing that is slightly problematic is that it’s [known as] ‘that thing that the former Sibelius guys are working on!'”

Download the podcast from the web site, subscribe via iTunes, or watch the interview on YouTube or right here on this page.


  1. Richard Schletty

    Excellent interview. I look forward to “Thing 1.0.”

    Sibelius is never going to fix a problem that has persisted for years – harp arpeggio (glissando) lines breaking across staves. An arpeggio line spanning notes on both staves should arpeggiate all notes on both staves.

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